The Wonderful Joys Of SCREEN

Ever logged on via SSH to a machine and started a long running process and then realize that you need to shutdown your laptop and take it with you? Ever accidentally get get disconnected from an SSH session and lose hours of work? Ever started a command that's going to take longer than you expected and you want to do some other things while you're waiting?

9 Simple Ways To Recover Your Screen on Linux and Unix

Hopefully, today's title didn't give anyone the wrong impression. If you've gone and thrown your monitor off the balcony in a fit of rage, this post can't help you, except to offer the following advice: Go to the store and buy a buy a new one (they're much cheaper now than when you may have bought yours, which will help offset the counseling, therapy and court-ordered community service expenses ;)

Change settings for the bootloader and splash screen in Ubuntu

StartUp Manager, or SUM, is a gui tool for changing settings in Grub, Grub2 and Usplash.SUM should work with recent versions of Debian and Debian-based distributions such as Ubuntu.

Changing screen resolution on the fly

If you want to change your screen resolution, while still running Linux but you are not using Gnome or KDE, which gives good options to change screen resolution, you will have to use the xrandr command

Brightside - Screen Corner Actions and Edge-Flipping Made Easy

Brightside adds actions to the corners of the screen in GNOME, such as switching virtual desktops and controlling the volume. You can even enable the screensaver and control the screen brightness on your laptop.

Customize The Ubuntu Login Or Shutdown Screen

Many people want to customize their login screens.  Where I work we customize the Novell Login screens and put a default Legal Notice for all the users.  It would be nice to customize the login and shutdown screens for UBUNTU to display custom graphics. Here are the instructions on how to customize the GNOME login screen to display legal notices before users can.

Pan Windows Larger Than Your Screen

I run the latest Ubuntu live-CDs inside a VirtualBox virtual machine to test them and run the graphical installer. Without this keyboard shortcut, using the installer would be nearly impossible because its window is larger than the 800×600 pixel resolution that VirtualBox uses.

Beautifulize the Boot Screen with Grub-GFXBoot

As you might have noticed yourself by now, the Grub screen looks quite plain, simple and dull. Even with colours or Grub themes. Gfx Boot is a powered version of GRUB Bootloader and it’s able to load themes instead of 16 colour splashes. Here are a couple of screenshots, just to get an idea about it and maybe make you want to beautifulize grub (yeah, i know it’s not a word but it sounds cool):

Record Your Screen With XVidCap

If you want to record your screen in Linux, XVidCap is the best solution. It’s easy to install, able to capture fast without dropping frames, and offers lots of options.

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