Cross-Platform Data Recovery Solution: TestDisk & PhotoRec

If for any reason, you have lost information of any of your disks: either hard drives, memory cards or flash drives, you should try TestDisk & PhotoRec, a free, open source multi-platform application distributed under GNU Public License which is very efficient on retrieving data from those drives.

iPod Disk Data Restore

iPod drive data recovery tool is non-destructive and read only software that provides full recovery of your accidently deleted media files and folders. iPod corrupt disk mode retrieval tool revives your lost mp3, mp4, m4v, m4b, m4a, apple loss less audio, video songs and audible audio book.

iPod Erased Files Restore

Downloads best iPod deleted iTunes recovery tool and restore your deleted song files including mp3, mp4, m4a, m4b, midi, wav, mpeg and advance audio coding (AAC) format files. iPod songs recovery software recovers your deleted music files and folder from hard drive-based iPod Classic, touchscreen iPod Touch, video-capable iPod Nano and Compact iPod Shuffle.

Data Loss in Linux due to Logical Volume Manager

Logical Volume Manager or LVM for Linux operating system does the great work for maintaining the disk drives and similar mass-storage devices. Particularly for the RAID systems, use of LVM has great advantages. The Linux flavor like RedHat will allow you to create LVM volumes on top of the RAID volumes.

Delete Your Files (Or Wipe Your Hard Drive) Beyond Recovery

How confident are you that when you ‘delete’ a file, it really get deleted/removed/erased/wiped from your hard disk? The fact is, the ‘delete’ command does not remove your file(s). It simply tells your system to free up the space for other data. Until the space been filled with new data, your file(s) will still remain on the disk itself. That is to say, with some simple recovery tools, the files can be easily recovered. Now, if you want to completely eradicate porns files that contain sensitive information, you have to do more than just ‘delete’ and ‘empty trash’

Ubuntu Black Screen Recovery

Updating Ubuntu only to discover that the kernel update has brought you to a black screen - never fun.

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