PyWO - Python Window Organizer - Easily Move/Resize Windows Using Keyboard Shortcuts

PyWO is inspired by Quicktile and Compiz Grid, Put and Maximuze plugins and it allows you to easily organize windows on the desktop using keyboard shortcuts. It works with Compiz, Metacity, KDE, XFCE, E16, OpenBox and FVWM.


Linux Python Script To Check RAM Usage for Multiple Instances of the Same Application or An Application Which Uses Multiple Processes

Mem Info is an interesting Python script that allows you to check the RAM usage of processes that are running on your computer. What's great about it is that you can see the memory used by all the instances of an application, together which can be very useful in certain situations, for example: the RAM memory used by all the tabs of Chromium browser, etc.

Gestikk - mouse gesture recognition in Ubuntu

gestikk provides mouse gestures for you, supporting many linux window managers. With gestikk, you can easily control your PC by drawing gestures with the mouse: mouse gestures. Gestikk allows to define an infinite number of gestures, which start applications or simulate key presses. Versions >= 0.5 uses PyGTK for GUI and python-virtkey for keypresses.

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