Zaz Is An Addictive Arcade Action Puzzle Game For Windows And Linux

Zaz is an multi-platform (Windows and Linux) arcade action puzzle game where the objective is to get rid of all incoming balls by rearranging their order. The games seems really addictive, so be aware! :-)

QuantZ Is A Unique Puzzle Action Game [New Linux Game]

QuantZ, is a "unique puzzle action game" based on physics, where your goal will be to control a three-dimensional object positioned at the center of the screen. Balls that gravitate around can be eliminated by shooting them into balls of the same color.

Highly Addictive Puzzle/Arcade Games for Linux

When I have a few spare time or just want to loosen up a bit, I always indulge myself into playing some computer games. Since most of my extra time is very limited, I usually pick those that are less stressful and less time consuming. I go for the old-fashioned and graphics card-friendly puzzle and arcade games. Call me boring, but these stuff are really addictive and highly entertaining. So, what are these games?

Frozen-Bubble - A Ridiculously Addictive Puzzle Game

Frozen-Bubble has blissfully stolen hours and hours of my life with its addictive gameplay and flippin' awesome soundtrack. It's an easy game with a simple premise: shoot colors bubbles onto the game board in an attempt to match up three or more similarly colored bubbles.

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