Installing and using mozilla prism at ubuntu 8.04

Mozilla Prism is a software from Mozilla labs that allows you to integrate the web applications into the native desktop. So it means those web applications(facebook, myspace, and others) will be acting just like a native software. Cool isn't it? And right now, I'm going to give you some tutorials to install Prism inside Ubuntu 8.04. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

Mozilla Prism in Ubuntu!

After seeing a screenshot on the desktop tour in the Ubuntu web site, I noticed something interesting… A screenshot showed some icons for Google Apps in the Add/Remove application.  I thought to myself, “How can this be?”

Easily Install Prism Web Apps in Ubuntu 8.04

Mozilla Prism is a web browser that allows web applications to be integrated with a traditional desktop and act like native applications. Launching a web app using Prism is done in the same way as launching an application installed on your computer, from the Applications menu. The Prism browser is simplified to not get in the way of the web app.

Getting Started With Prism

Prism is a project by Mozilla to produce an application more geared towards web applications such as Google mail. It’s light doesn’t contain any buttons such as back/forward and allows you to concentrate on the application itself, providing better desktop-web integration to the user. If you would like more detail regarding Prism see Mozilla Labs.

Integrate the Web Platform with Your Desktop - Mozilla Prism

Prism is a cross-platform application that lets you integrate web applications with your desktop.

Prism now provides a cross-platform way to integrate the web platform with the desktop environment, and developers don’t have to lift a finger to desktop-enable their web applications, while users have the choice to use their favorite web apps in their browser, on their desktop of choice, or in both places.

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