Ubuntu UK Podcast: S01E13 - Don’t Be Cruel

Laura Cowen, Ciemon Dunville, Dave Walker and Tony Whitmore present the thirteenth episode of the Ubuntu UK Podcast. In this episode:-

gPodder's no plodder when it comes to podcasts

Catch all of your podcasts in style with gPodder, a Python application designed to retrieve and organize your podcasts for easy playback.

Linux Podcasts Roundup

I have been working pretty hard lately, mainly coding some personal projects. I always used to listen to music whilst coding, these days I tend to listen to podcasts. Is that sad? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, I thought I would post a list of Linux and Ubuntu related podcasts which I listen to on a regular basis [the list is presented in no particular order]:

Be heard: Podcasting with Linux

Many people are giving up blogging to try their hand at podcasting -- creating a downloadable audio file that will play on any standard MP3 player. Recording, editing, and packaging a session isn't very difficult but, until recently not very many tools existed to help you get the job done. Now Linux-friendly applications are starting to pop up everywhere.

Hpodder: a podcast client that just works.

So you’ve have been desperate for a podcast client that rivals the ease and efficiency of iTunes (but have found Linux clients wanting) then hpodder may be the answer to your quest. Having found other clients to be a little jack-of-all-trades for your needs or else, just plain buggy, hpodder is a breath of fresh air.

The Linux Action Show! Podcast

Linux enthusiasts talk top news stories, trends and any other subject regarding Linux and Open Source!

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