Install And Change Plymouth Themes In Ubuntu Using Zorin Splash Screen Manager

If you want a simple Plymouth manager to easily change, install and remove Plymouth themes, try the the new Zorin Splash Screen Manager.

Script To Fix The Ubuntu Plymouth For Proprietary Nvidia And ATI Graphics Drivers

Installing the proprietary Nvidia or ATI graphics drivers in Ubuntu (10.04 or 10.10) will make Plymouth (the boot screen) look very big and ugly. The script in this post should fix this.

Kubuntu 10.04 Plymouth Theme

Kubuntu just got a new Plymouth theme [...]

How To Get Plymouth Working With Nvidia Proprietary Drivers [Ubuntu Lucid]

new ubuntu 10.04 boot splash

The New Ubuntu 10.04 Boot Splash Video (Plymouth)

new ubuntu 10.04 boot splash

Sorry for the many Ubuntu updates today, but since it's the UI freeze, most of the artwork comes today.

A Look At Ubuntu Lucid Plymouth Themes [Screenshots And Short Video]

I've finally got Plymouth up and running on Ubuntu Lucid. Here is a screenshot of the Solar Plymouth theme:

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