Use Twitter in Pidgin (download for Windows, Linux and of course a Ubuntu package)

Previously, the way to connect to Twitter using Pidgin (IM client for yahoo, google talk, msn, etc), was to use a jabber account like google chat, then add Twitter. But Twitter shut down the Jabber service.  So it doesn’t work anymore. But now, Pidgin-microblog can do the trick.

Download Pidgin 2.5.0 (Ubuntu)

Pidgin is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client that allows you to use all of your IM accounts at once.

5min: Encrypt Instant Messaging with Pidgin and OTR

You need:

  • Pidgin (available on Ubuntu standard installation or over apt-get)
  • IM-Buddy
  • 5 minutes

Pidgin Flies Between Linux and Windows

We live in a cross-platform world. People work in front of their Windows PCs all day long, then go home to their Mac. Or they code at their Linux terminal then unwind with games on their Windows box. Unfortunately, for as many cross-platform people as there are, it doesn't always seem like there's a lot of software built to follow them from machine to machine. Much of the time, even when a piece of software is available for several operating systems, it doesn't ever work quite the same. Configuration options are different, keystrokes behave differently, and nothing looks quite right.

One exception is Pidgin, the Linux- and Windows-compatible, multi-network IM client built on libpurple, the open source library that started life as "gAIM," an AIM client for Linux users.

Enable Pidgin Plugins in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)

Pidgin is an instant messaging program for Windows, Linux, BSD, and other Unixes. By default in Ubuntu 8.04 pidgin instant messenger will come as built-in.If you want to enable Pidgin Plug-ins it is very easy now.

Get Notified by SMS When Someone Contacts you on Pidgin

There are two groups of people in the world - those who know when to walk away from their computer and those who are tied to it 24/7. The former group will therefore hate this hack - and will wail about it in the comments. The latter group will love it. Unfortunately, I am in the latter group!

Fix for Master password expose for Pidgin

Pidgin is an instant messaging program for Windows, Linux, BSD, and other Unixes. Pidgin stores you passwords in plain text in ~/.purple/accounts.xml. Someone can easily boot into recovery mode while you are away and find your passwords in plain text.

Pidgin 2.2 is out!

Here you got the new release of pidgin, this multi messenger client. Enjoy ;)

Setup MySpace IM with PIDGIN!

I personally hate myspace due to the spam and lameness, facebook for me is a little better, but for those people with girlfriends that are nagging, "why did you change my operating system, I need myspace IM" blah blah blah... Here it is, a reverse engineering hack for myspace IM...

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