Work With Linux Partitions From Windows

Do you dual-boot Windows and Linux?  If you do, then you’re probably familiar with the different file systems that the two operating systems use and the difficulty in transferring files between the two.  While most modern Linux operating systems can read and write to Windows file systems (NTFS and FAT/FAT32), Windows can’t read or write to Linux file systems (Ext2 and Ext3).

Tools to access Linux Partitions from Windows

If you dual boot with Windows and Linux, and have data spread across different partitions on Linux and Windows, you should be really in for some issues. It happens sometimes you need to access your files on Linux partitions from Windows, and you realize it isn’t possible easily. Not really, with these tools in hand - it’s very easy for you to access files on your Linux partitions from Windows

Managing your partitions with Gparted

Gparted stands for Gnome Partition Editor. This tool has GUI interface and it is really easy to manage your partitions with it. It also comes as GPartEd live CD.

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