Hugin panoramic photo editor extends its reach

The developers of the free panoramic photo editor Hugin released version 0.7 this month, culminating a two-year development cycle. The new release incorporates key new technical abilities and usability improvements to help demystify the panorama creation process for the average shooter.

Creating Panorama pictures or: “The power of open source software”

First, a little disclaimer: I am not a good photographer. All I know is that longer shutter values give more light, so does a wider aperture. That’s it. I do not own a good camera. It even isn’t a SLR. It is so old, is sucessor already has a sucessor. Despite these more than obvious limitations, I managed to create some decent looking shots, all with the help of the above mentioned equipment and open source software.

Hugin: Software To Create Panoramic Photograph in Ubuntu Linux

I’ve always wanted to try and take panoramic photographs using my dad’s Nikon Coolpix 5200. That day finally arrived when I finally have the free time to do so last week when I’ve to accompany my dad traveling to the countryside of my hometown. Using a tripod, I took 4 sets of photographs with the help of Nikon built-in panorama helper function. I was excited and about to use a Windows computer to stitch those photograph using software supplied with the camera when suddenly I thought of searching for a similar application on my trusty Ubuntu box.

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