Yet Another Window Applet For Gnome

I used some Compiz settings and Namebar to hide the Windows titlebars and display the window title and buttons on the Gnome panel.

Compress PNG Files With PNGCrush

The size to which the PNG image above was compressed may not seem like much, but the original image was already compressed. Besides, if you own a website, compressing ALL the images will most definitely make a difference, especially since - as you can see in the picture above - the quality is basically the same to the naked eye.

Optimize Firefox SQLite Databases Without Restart

A few months ago, I posted how to improve Firefox performance by defragmenting its database files executing SQLite VACUUM command (for Windows, Linux and MacOSX). The only con was that it required a Firefox restart to execute the command.

Tweak and optimize Ubuntu Linux Boot and Application Startup times dramatically

Here I will share some methods on tweaking and optimizing your ubuntu install that I have learned over the years tweaking linux. This is small and sweet, down to the point and can dramatically speed up your system.

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