How to make Firefox look and feel like IE, Safari, or Opera

One of the biggest complaints a Firefox evangelist encounters is "it doesn't act or feel like browser X." Internet Explorer users complain that Firefox doesn't look like what they're used to. Opera, Safari, and Netscape users complain that it's missing many of their favorite features. And the social networking gurus point to the powerful social networking features Flock boasts and Firefox lacks. However, all these users overlook one of the most powerful features of Firefox: support for third-party add-ons, which can make emulating the features of other browsers extremely simple.

Opera Tips & Tricks

As we’ve shown before, Opera is an extremely customizable browser, but it does so much that it can be difficult to remember it all. Then again you would have to know what it does in order to remember it.

New Opera 9.5 alpha ready to download

One of my favorite interenet browsers is Opera (alongside with FireFox), and now after nearly one year on development, Opera 9.5 has been released to public in its alpha versión. Codenamed Kestrel has some cool features.

Check it out and test it.  

Keeping Opera bookmarks in sync with oSync

If you use the Opera browser on multiple machines, you'll inevitably run into the problem of keeping your bookmarks in sync.

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