OpenShot Video Editor 1.3.0 Released With New Default Theme, Upload To YouTube Or Vimeo, New 3D Animations

OpenShot, the application that you've voted as the best Linux video editor a while back reached version 1.3.0 today.


OpenShot 1.3.0 comes with a new user interface called "Fresh" and finally adds something many of you have requested: stock icons support. The new version also lets you easily upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo:


OpenShot Video Editor 1.1 Released!

OpenShot 1.1 (non-linear video editor) was released yesterday and it addresses 40 bugs and features.

The most requested feature was probably the "Undo / Redo" support which has finally been included in OpenShot.

Other new features and improvements in OpenShot 1.1:

OpenShot 0.9.54 Released!

Openshot, the great Linux non-linear video editor was updated to version 0.9.54.

New OpenShot Version Out, Brings 33 New Video & Audio Effects

Openshot, the great new Linux non-linear video editor (which we covered here, at Web Upd8 a while ago) released a new version, 0.9.42, which includes 33 video & audio effects (30 video and 3 audi

OpenShot Is A Great Linux Non-Linear Video Editor

I'll start with a quote from the author:

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