Install LibreOffice In Ubuntu From A Launchpad PPA

LibreOffice finally got a PPA so it's now a lot easier to install and stay up to date with the latest LibreOffice versions.

How To Synchronize Your OpenOffice Documents With Google Docs, Zoho And WebDAV Servers

Ooo2gd is an OpenOffice addon which you can use to keep your documents synchronized with Google Docs, Zoho and WebDAV servers. You can either manually select to upload a file to Google Docs / Zoho when you're done editing it or you can select to automatically synchronize it.

Download 20 Great Linux Books For Free

Linux Printing Hacks

Do your color Open Office documents print out as Black & White? Convert them to PDF first, then print them using Evince (the default Gnome PDF viewer).

Install / Upgrade OpenOffice 3.2 From A PPA Repository [Ubuntu 9.10]

openoffice 3.2 ubuntu karmic screenshot

How To Install Go-OO 3.2 In Ubuntu Linux

We wrote about installing OpenOffice 3.2 in Ubuntu from it's official website but that's not the same as the one in the Ubuntu repositories because Ubuntu uses Go-OO, an optimized version of OpenOffice.

How To Install OpenOffice 3.2 In Ubuntu

I initially wanted to wait for the PPA (OpenOffice Scribblers) to get OpenOffice 3.2 but it seems that takes way too much time and I'm not going to wait until Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.04) to install the latest OpenOffice 3.2 (even though Ubuntu uses OO-Go, an optimized version of OpenOffice), so I decided to download and install OOo 3.2 on my Ubuntu Karmic from its official website.

IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 Is Available For Download (Office Suite)

IBM is working intensively on their free office suite called Lotus Symphony.

OOoTwitter: Post To Twitter From

To post to Twitter from within, you'll be needing the following OpenOffice macro: download.

5 Very Useful OpenOffice Extensions

Calc2LaTeX is an Calc (Spreadsheet) macro for converting tables. It makes making tables on LaTeX very easy.

This extension will allow you to select a region in a spreadsheet, and generate a LaTeX tabular format of the spreadsheet. 3.1.1 Released [Downloads for Windows, Linux - .DEB, .RPM and Mac OSX] 3.1.1 has been released. You can find full release notes, HERE.

You can download Windows files, Linux - .DEB and .RPM and Mac OSX files for OpenOffice 3.1.1 from HERE.

Howto: OpenOffice Thumbnails in Nautilus

Nautilus (the GNOME file manager) is able to display thumbnails for several file types: images, video, audio (holding you mouse over a sound file for a few second), text, pdf, etc.

Trying Out Impress Prototype (Renaissance)

Remember the prototype? Now you can try the Renaissance Impress without any installation (but you do need Java installed). That being said, you can download the Impress prototype from HERE.


OpenOffice 3.1.1 Release Candidate 1 Available

What's new in 3.1.1 RC1:

· Ctrl+F11 puts the focus into the style ListBox - The key combination Ctrl+F11 doesn't call the Style Catalog anymore. Now it puts the focus into the style ListBox in the toolbox of text, frames, OLE-objects and pictures. It makes it easier to apply a paragraph or frame style without using a mouse.

OpenOffice Prototype User Interface

The prototyping phase, to create a new user interface for, has ended last week.

Go-OO is an Improved OpenOffice

Go-oo [Windows / Linux / Mac] is an office suite which compared with up-stream OO.o, it has better Microsoft binary file support (with eg. fields support), and it will import WordPerfect graphics beautifully. If you are reliant on Excel VBA macros - then Go-oo offers the best macro fidelity too.

OpenOffice 3.1 Has Been Released

Open Office 3.1 final has been released today. The Open Source alternative to Microsoft Office can be downloaded from download portals like Betanews but not directly from the Open Office homepage as it has not been updated yet to reflect the release of the new version.

How to Install OpenOffice 3.0 in Ubuntu Hardy and Intrepid (from repositories)

To install it for Ubuntu Intrepid, add the following repository (System > Administration > Software Sources, Third Party Software tab, click "Add"):

Install OpenOffice 3.0 inside your Ubuntu 8.10!

Somehow, The Ubuntu Team has decided not to add the latest office products from Sun Microsystem. It's because 3.0 release schedule has slipped quite a bit. Just like The Ubuntu Team has said in this site . Well, that's not a big problem! I'm going to give you an easy method to install OpenOffice 3.0. Please do follow this simple tutorial.

OpenOffice 3.0 is out 3.0 Final has already been uploaded to a variety of mirror download sites ahead of the official announcement Monday 13.

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