Keryx 0.92.4 (Offline Installer For APT-based Systems) Released

Some time ago we told you about Keryx, an amazing cross-platform (yes, it also works on Windows - so you can download the packages from Windows and install them in Ubuntu/Debian, etc.) application which can be used for offline package download and installation for APT-based systems (Ubuntu, Debian, etc.)

"Sushi Huh?" - Easily Download Packages For Offline Installation

"Sushi, huh?" is an application which serves the same purpose as the command we posted about two weeks ago, to get a list of packages and dependencies for offline installation in Ubuntu, but many will love it since it comes with a - I almost wanted to say GUI - an web-based interface which runs on your machi

Download Applications From Another Computer, For Offline Installation (w/ Dependencies) in Ubuntu

Some people do not have a permanent access to the Internet or the connection is limited; as an example, a friend can't download files larger than 10 mb. So how to install applications offline, in Ubuntu? Obviously, the packages have to be downloaded from another computer but this should include all the dependencies or else it would be useless.

Indexing offline CD-ROM archives

Suppose you’ve been good (or sort of good anyway), and you have a huge stack of CD-ROMs (or DVDs) with backups and archives of your old files. Great. But how can you find anything? I solved this problem today by making an index of all the files stored on these disks using a few simple GNU command line tools.

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