Kingsoft Office Suite for Linux - MS Office Alternative [Ubuntu Installation]

Development at Kingsoft Office for Linux started in 2012 and it is written using the Qt toolkit. The suite includes three main components: a word processor, a spreadsheet application and a presentation creator.

Overview of Calligra 2.8 Office Suite

Calligra, the KDE office suite, has reached version 2.8 a few days ago.

LibreOffice 3.3.1 Has Been Released

A quick update: LibreOffice 3.3.1 has just been released, bringing new colored icons and eliminates various problems to improve stability. For instructions on installing LibreOffice from the PPA, see our post on LibreOffice Ubuntu PPA

Install LibreOffice In Ubuntu From A Launchpad PPA

LibreOffice finally got a PPA so it's now a lot easier to install and stay up to date with the latest LibreOffice versions.

How To Synchronize Your OpenOffice Documents With Google Docs, Zoho And WebDAV Servers

Ooo2gd is an OpenOffice addon which you can use to keep your documents synchronized with Google Docs, Zoho and WebDAV servers. You can either manually select to upload a file to Google Docs / Zoho when you're done editing it or you can select to automatically synchronize it.

Online Office In Ubuntu With Zoho Webservice

zoho presentation ubuntu 10.04 screenshot

How To Install Go-OO 3.2 In Ubuntu Linux

We wrote about installing OpenOffice 3.2 in Ubuntu from it's official website but that's not the same as the one in the Ubuntu repositories because Ubuntu uses Go-OO, an optimized version of OpenOffice.

IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 Is Available For Download (Office Suite)

IBM is working intensively on their free office suite called Lotus Symphony.

Giveaway: Get SoftMaker Office 2008 For Free Until December 31

Until December 31, SoftMaker is giving away full versions of SoftMaker Office 2008 for Linux and Windows, permanently usable and entitled to future upgrades. For every download, SoftMaker donates EUR 0.10 to charity. The normal SoftMaker Office 2008 price is $80 for the Windows or Linux version and $100 for both.

Trying Out IBM Lotus Symphony Office Suite In Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Not so long ago, IBM teamed up with Canonical to create an application which contains an office suite featuring word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications based on IBM Lotus Symphony, an e-mail client that is based on IBM Lotus Notes, the social networking and collaboration cloud-based tools provided by and the underlying Ubuntu operating system.

Cross-Platform Google Docs Batch Uploader Lets You Upload All The Files In a Folder To Google Docs

If you want to upload a lot of documents to Google Docs, it's difficult to upload them one by one. You can send the documents by email, but this option is not very reliable and not all the formats are supported. 3.1.1 Released [Downloads for Windows, Linux - .DEB, .RPM and Mac OSX] 3.1.1 has been released. You can find full release notes, HERE.

You can download Windows files, Linux - .DEB and .RPM and Mac OSX files for OpenOffice 3.1.1 from HERE.

Trying Out Impress Prototype (Renaissance)

Remember the prototype? Now you can try the Renaissance Impress without any installation (but you do need Java installed). That being said, you can download the Impress prototype from HERE.


Installing Office 2007 in Linux

People thougt that the recent version of microsoft office (2007) can't be ran in linux/ubuntu. But, I finally found some useful method after googling and some problem solve with it. There are actualy a lot of method to do to install office 2007. Check it out by yourself!

IBM releases ODF-based Office killer

IBM has officially launched the commercial version of its Lotus Symphony suite of productivity applications, and looks set amount a challenge to Microsoft Office in its enterprise heartland.

The Office Suite Dilemma on Ubuntu

Let's face it, the office suite options on Ubuntu aren't as good as they should be. (I'm going to talk mostly about word processing here.) has most of the features anyone needs, but it is big -- really big -- and slow. It's leaps ahead of Star Office 5.0, OO.o's predecessor when I used it years ago, but OO.o moves forward relatively slowly and is notorious for having very little community contribution. Most of the new code comes from inside Sun. It uses the ISO standard ODF file format by default.

Office Software for Linux

Are you thinking about moving your computer to Linux, but worried about living without office software? Well don't be. You can run Microsoft Office, and many other native Windows programs on Linux using Wine, which is a Windows compatibility layer for Linux and similar operating systems. However, you do not need to do this, and the majority of Linux users do not, because Linux has bucket loads of its own high-quality office software.

Installing The IBM Lotus Symphony Beta 1 Office Suite On Ubuntu 7.04

This document describes how to set up IBM Lotus Symphony Beta 1 on Ubuntu 7.04. IBM Lotus Symphony is an office-suite that is based on (a fork of v1.x) and ported to Lotus Expeditor (IBM's enhancement of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform). It contains programs for word processing, spreadsheet and presentation.

A first run with IBM's free office suite

Computer giant IBM yesterday released a free office suite for Windows and Linux machines called Lotus Symphony. Symphony is available from the Symphony website which requires users to register and be logged on to download the software.

Open Source and Microsoft Free

A few weeks ago I posted a few articles about Open Source (Still afraid of Open Source?, Eating my own dog food, and Open Source and loving it!). I have now been Microsoft-Free at work for about 7 weeks. I have also found solutions for almost all of the initial hurdles I encountered in the first week. Here is the list:

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