Nouveau Getting More Stable In Ubuntu Lucid, Available In The Main Kernel Package

About three weeks ago, Ubuntu officially switched to Nouveau as the default Nvidia driver. In the attempt to make Ubuntu 10.04 a rock solid LTS release, large changes have been made to the packaging stack and as a result, Nouveau's kernel module is now in the main kernel package.

Ubuntu Officially Switches To Nouveau As The Default Nvidia Graphics Driver

Ubuntu officially transitioned from -nv to -nouveau as the default driver for the Nvidia graphics cards.

Nvidia Graphics Drivers 190.42 For Linux Released

After several beta versions, Nvidia has released version 190.42 of their graphics drivers for Linux. [...]

How To Install Nvidia 190.xx or 185.xx Drivers In Ubuntu, From A Launchpad Repository

Like I told you yesterday, Nvidia recently released two new versions of its Linux graphic drivers: 185.18.36 stable version and 190.25 beta.

Nvidia Updates The Linux Display Drivers

Nvidia updated both the stable and beta drivers for Linux.

185.18.36 (stable) release highlights:

* Fixed a bug that caused kernel panics when starting X on some mobile GPUs.

Program Which Automatically Compiles and Install The Latest Kernel in Ubuntu / Debian: KernelCheck

KernelCheck is a a program that automatically compiles and installs the latest Kernel for Debian based Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, etc.). The program also allows for automatic installation of proprietary video drivers via EnvyNG.


How To Fix Full-Screen Flash Videos in Linux & Firefox (or Swiftfox)

By default, Firefox (or Swiftfox) crashes when trying to view a full-screen video on say... YouTube. At least for me it used to crash until I found a fix and from what I've understand it's got something to do with the graphic card drivers and it's affecting both nVidia and ATI. If that is the case for you also, you may want to read on.

How to install Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu Feisty or later versions

If you want to install Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu Feisty and above versions is very easy to install. Ubuntu doesn’t include Nvidia drivers in a default installation for a number of reasons.

Nouveau project hacks away at free Nvidia drivers

Currently, GNU/Linux users with Nvidia graphics cards have two choices: Either use the proprietary drivers and violate their free software principles, or use the free nv driver and do without 3-D acceleration. The Nouveau project is working to overcome this dilemma by producing its own set of fully functional free Nvidia drivers.

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