MeeGo 1.0 (Moblin + Maemo) - Linux Based OS By Intel And Nokia - Has Been Released!

WinFF Is A Great Audio / Video Converter With Presets For iPod-iTunes, Google Android, Blackberry, Etc.

Winff is a GUI fronted for the very well-known FFmpeg, which works on Windows and Linux (unfortunately it doesn't work on Mac OS X).

WinFF 1.2.0 was released a few days ago and it brings 2 new very interesting features: preview and cropping for videos.

Nokia Unveils N900, It's First Linux Phone

The world's largest handset maker, Nokia unveiled on Thursday its first phone running on Linux software, aiming at improving its offering at the top end of the market.

How to use your Nokia to connect to the Internet in Ubuntu

OS X is without a doubt the easiest OS for configuring Bluetooth devices. Adding phones, keyboards and headsets is (more or less) as easy as it could be. Windows is way behind. You can add your phone, but where OS X automatically sets up the phone as a modem connection, you will have to download some PC Suite crap or hack your way onto the phone. Ubuntu is somewhere between Windows and OS X, but (sad to say) closer to Windows.

Nokia's new OS streamlines, syncs tablet platform with desktop Linux

Nokia recently announced its Linux-based N810 tablet, and although the device is not yet widely available, the accompanying software is. The new operating system, designated Internet Tablet OS2008, is available as a free download for owners of the previous N800 model. In that rarest of all outcomes, the new release actually improves the older tablet -- it is faster, improves battery life, and should make it easier for developers to port applications over from desktop Linux.

Share Ubuntu Connectivity with your Nokia Symbian Phone

This guide will let you share your internet connection by Bluetooth so that you can surf the net on your bed without paying high GPRS/HSDPA rates. Im just summarizing the steps, credits goes to the author of websites at the end of this post.

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