Haguichi: Nice Hamachi GUI That Integrates Into The GNOME Desktop

A few days ago we posted an update to the script that installs

How To Manually Set Up Your Wired Internet Connection in K / Ubuntu without Network-Manager

Many network problems in Ubuntu or Kubuntu seem to be related to the network manager not working correctly so here is how to configure your wired network manually:

Trickle Limits Upload and Download Speeds for Individual Applications

Trickle is a Linux application which allows you to limit the network bandwidth of individual applications such as a torrent client, web browsers or any other program.

How To Troubleshoot Wireless Network Connection in Ubuntu

In setting up their wireless connection for the first time, Im discovering many individuals having problems connecting through Network Manager or other GUI wireless connection tools. In fact my Network Manager is intermittently buggy, connecting sometimes and not others. This guide benefits all users in case the GUI tools are not working, and is useful for testing a wireless connection during initial installation of wireless drivers since it provides for good debugging output.

NFS - Creating a Network drive Quick NFS how-to

NFS or Network File System is a great way to share documents, or expand your disk space, using the disk on another server, I am using it to share documents between my office and home, I have my office disk mounted in my home's PC using NFS.

Secure your Network and Diagnose Problems with nmapFE: The Network Mapper Front-End

Nmap, or the Network Mapper, is a powerful command-line tool for diagnosing network problems, finding security vulnerabilities, and host of other uses. Intricate knowledge of its use is crucial to systems administrators, but its many options and scanning methods can be daunting to even the most experienced of end users. nmapFE, or the nmap Front End, is a graphical interface for nmap that makes it easy to use even the most powerful aspects of the network mapper, and can be a life-saver when you run into networking problems.

nmap - how to scan hosts of networks for open ports

nmap is a wonderful tool specially for debugging, there are lots of times when you need to know if a port is open in a server, or maybe blocked by a firewall, or just to test your iptables rules. Here we will learn how to use it at the command line, and using its GUI front end, nmapFE and Knmap.

How To Install Ubuntu Locally Over The Network

I spent some time this week figuring out the requirements for installing Ubuntu locally over the network. Ubuntu has netboot installers which are more than happy to go find a public repository mirror for you, but how about installing over the LAN using the contents of the CD as the repository? Well, if you’re interested in fast installations and no longer burning CDs this tutorial is for you.

Getting around the Gnome network manager

Know that problem? You are somewhere around and got special network settings like a wlan essid and static ip ressources. Your Gnome network manager which you really like as it finally brought easy wpa2/wpa/wep detection and setup to you prefers dhcp and skips around the networks like mad.

Simple home networking with SSH

The Secure Shell (SSH) network protocol makes it easy to connect computers that are running Linux, share files, and remotely run applications. Along with an X server, it can make sharing a single computer simple on a home network.

How To Configure PXE (Network) Booting on Ubuntu For Network Based Installations

Previously I outlined how to install Ubuntu over the network using a netboot install CD or USB image. This tutorial takes it a step further and allows you to boot your machine from the network environment and select from a list of what you would like to install. This comes to the same end result as the previous tutorial (an installed machine without having to burn a CD), but doesn’t require the boot CD or USB image.

Awesome Ubuntu/Linux Apps you might not know about V1+2



Network Analysis With Wireshark On Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer (or "packet sniffer") that can be used for network analysis, troubleshooting, software development, education, etc. This guide shows how to install and use it on an Ubuntu Feisty Fawn desktop to analyze the traffic on the local network card.

The Ultimate Linux NETWORK Reference Guide for Newbies


A good list of network commands includes the catigories:
This category contains the most basic network commands available on Linux platform.
All the remote network administration related tools and techniques available on Linux platform.
All the network related configuration files on a Linux platform.
Network Open Source Network Utilities Some of the most useful network tools available for Linux.

Analyze Network Protocols With Wireshark on Ubuntu

Wireshark is an open source network protocol analyzer. It allows you capture packets from a network interface and then analyze their contents. Wireshark can be downloaded and installed from Ubuntu’s repositories:

Setting up a Dialup Modem in Ubuntu

"This page is designed to help you set up the driver, and configure your dial-up connection over a modem."

tcptraceroute, A way to make traceroutes with firewalls in the middle of the path

Today I want to show you a real good network administration tool, if you do network administration, you should use ping and traceroute to check whenever a host is alive or not.

Maybe the steps of testing is first ping the server, and if there is no response, you try with traceroute to see where in the route an interruption exists.

Traceroute works sending ICMP packets to all the routers in the way to the destination host, but these days more and more routers and server have the ICMP packets filtered, so here is where tcptraceroute comes to save the day.

gnome-nettool - Network tools for Gnome

The tool I am going to describe today is a real good one, specially for those who works installing routers and networks in general, you can have this piece of software installed on your Linux Laptop, and all the debugging of your job is going to easier than before.

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