Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04 To Get A 2D EFL Based Launcher

In an attempt to get Ubuntu working on any ARM based device (as long as there is hardware available), Ubuntu Netbook Edition (UNE) 10.04 will ship with a new 2D launcher which is a direct clone of the UI found in the Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix,

Eeebuntu 4 Beta 1 Overview And Screenshots

eeebuntu 4 beta 2

Install Enlightenment (E17) In Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic [How-to]

enlightenment e17 ubuntu karmic

Yet Another Window Applet For Gnome

I used some Compiz settings and Namebar to hide the Windows titlebars and display the window title and buttons on the Gnome panel.

Ubuntu Netbook Remix Optimization Guide

The guide has tips on improving the battery life, optimising the taskbar and the GNOME panel for usability, getting a more space-efficient browser and more. Some of these tips are specific to the Eee PC, but most can be applied to any of the popular netbooks. Happy tweaking!

Easy Peasy Linux (Ubuntu Eee) 1.5 Released

easy peasy screenshot

Trying Out Ubuntu's Netbook Remix

Last week at Computex Taipei the Canonical OEM team had unveiled Netbook Remix. Netbook Remix is based upon the stock package selection found in Ubuntu but with specific optimizations for Mobile Internet Devices and Ultra Mobile PCs. These optimizations include user-interface improvements for potentially new Linux users as well as making the desktop easier to work when running off a small screen.

Ubuntu OEM Strategy Deserves Applause

Canonical's Ubuntu Netbook Remix strategy is gaining upbeat feedback from potential OEMs and Internet device makers. Here's the scoop from Works With U, the independent voice of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Netbook Strategy Faces Four Questions

Canonical's mobile Internet device strategy, based on the Ubuntu Netbook Remix, faces four key challenges, according to Works With U, the independent guide to Ubuntu Linux.

Ubuntu Netbook Remix: a detailed explanation

Lately, there has been a lot of noise about Ubuntu’s Netbook Remix. In an unrelated (and definitely lucky) interview with The Guardian, Mark Shuttleworth hinted that Canonical were about to announce a version of Ubuntu for a new class of devices created by accident by Asus with the EeePc (talk about corporate luck…). Th buzz about this was monumental. But… what is Ubuntu Netbook Remix? Here is the answer…

Canonical showcases Ubuntu Netbook Remix at Computex

This week, Canonical announced a reworked version of Ubuntu at the Computex trade show in Taiwan. The new Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) is specifically built for new so-called "netbooks" -- mini laptops with small screens geared towards Web browsing and built on Intel's new, low-power micro-architecture called Atom. The new version will allow users to access email, browse the Internet, and use instant messaging, and provide online access to music, photos, and videos, all in one small, affordable package.

Installing Ubuntu Netbook Remix on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04

You may have heard of "Ubuntu Netbook Remix", a special edition of Ubuntu for so called "netbooks", which was showcased by Canonical at Computex. A quick search revealed, that at this time it seems there isn't any kind of installation ISO or VirtualBox image of Netbook Remix available.Fortunately, the Ubuntu Netbook Remix Team offers a Personal Package Archive (PPA) of their great work.

Canonical Showcases Ubuntu Netbook Remix at Computex

Computex, Taiwan June 3, 2008: Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, today announced that it will be demonstrating a reworked desktop image of Ubuntu built specifically for a new category of portable Internet-centric devices – netbooks. These affordable, power-efficient, small screen devices, based on the ground breaking low-power micro-architecture of the Intel® Atom™ processor, and Ubuntu allow consumers to enjoy email, instant messaging, Internet surfing and on-line access to photos, videos or music with an affordable, reliable device.

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