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Ubuntu Netbook Remix: the movie

With all of the netbook talk these days, it's no surprise that we're also talking about various Linux distros. While many netbooks are offered with Windows XP, most are offered in a lower-priced, and sometimes lower-spec'd Linux version. I often get reader e-mails asking how Ubuntu works on this device or that device, so I wanted to point out this screencast of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

Focused workflow with Netbook Remix

If Ubuntu Linux had not won me over yet then it certainly has now. Ubuntu Netbook Remix is a fantastic set of tools for running Linux on small screens and boosting productivity in a limited workspace. The official description of the project says:

First Ubuntu Netbook Remix Laptop Appears

Digital Gadgets, the manufacturer and distributor of SYLVANIA brand computers, announced on August 19th that its shipping the SYLVANIA g netbook MESO with Ubuntu 8.04 Netbook Remix inside.

A look at Ubuntu Netbook Remix

I can't help noticing the number of Asus EEE PCs around now, it is strange to think that twelve months ago these weren't really about and there was still discussion of when will be the "year of the Linux desktop". Of course, events took a different turn, and suddenly the desktop didn't seem so important anymore. The real prize was a computer that was small and convenient, inexpensive and easy to carry about.

Ubuntu Netbook Strategy Faces Four Questions

Canonical's mobile Internet device strategy, based on the Ubuntu Netbook Remix, faces four key challenges, according to Works With U, the independent guide to Ubuntu Linux.

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