Keystrokes Logger

Freeware keyboard logging application saves each typed keys, characters, digits and special character keys including tab, alt, shift, ctrl in confidential encrypted hidden log file.

At-A-Glance System Monitoring With Panel Applets

I like to keep on top of my machines health.  I like to do this without programs getting in my way, or dedicating desktop space to monitoring applications.  The way I’ve found to do this simply and effectively is with the System Monitor panel Applet.

Monitoring Tomcat 5.0 on Ubuntu

This document describes how to set up and enable Hyperic HQ for monitoring on Ubuntu and Tomcat. The resulting system provides a comprehensive, web-based Systems Management Software. It's the next stage of classical monitoring and able to manage all kinds of operating systems, web servers, application servers and database servers. The install comes prepared to monitor almost 70 different technologies natively and provides many detailed features. For brevity sake, I won't list all of them here. Hyperic HQ is available as an open source distribution licensed under the GPL v2.

Traffic Monitoring with vnStat

Interested in how much bandwidth you are using? vnStat is a simple command line utility to track network traffic on a Linux computer. vnStat is easy to set up and use on Ubuntu, and works well on both server and desktop systems.

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