Poll Results: Best Linux Main Menu

For last week, we asked you which is the best Linux main menu and the results are a bit surprising.

The Best Linux Main Menu

Another week, another poll. This time you can vote for the best Linux (main) menu. I didn't include all the menus out there in the poll, but there are more options than we usually use for our polls.

Probably The Best 5 GnoMenu Themes

I can't stand the default menu Ubuntu comes with and I only keep it because I have to know under which submenu the user can find an installed application when posting on WebUpd8. This wouldn't be needed if people used a menu with a search function but anyway. Also, since I install quite a few applications, half of it requires scrolling and makes it almost unusable.

Install Linux Mint (Slab Fork) Main Menu in Ubuntu


If you ever used or seen some screenshots of Linux Mint, I'm sure you noticed how amazing it's menu is

Here is how Gnome Main Menu looks like:

Enable Menu And Buttons Icons In Gnome 2.28

The menu and button icons are disabled by default in Gnome 2.28, like I was telling you some time ago. Basically, this is how the menus and buttons look like in Gnome 2.28:

Speedy Gnome Menu: Cairo Menu [Ubuntu Download]

Cairo Menu is a fast and functional menu for the Gnome desktop that focuses on speed, efficiency and delivering what you want in the least number of clicks or keystrokes. Even though it somewhat resembles Gnomenu, the author claims Cairo Menu is much faster and brings a number of new concepts and features for this new menu.

Advanced Gnome Menu (AGM)

Advanced Gnome Menu (or AGM) is a combination between a menu and a dock. Even though the word 'Gnome' is in it's name, it will soon also work with KDE and Xfce (or it could already work, I can't test this as I only have Gnome installed).

It supports themes, plugins (actually this is what's displayed in it: the usual gnome menu, bookmarks, favorite apps, etc), transparency, etc.

Cairo Dock 2.0.0 is Here (Linux Dock Menu)!

Not so long ago I was telling you about the new version 2 of Cairo Dock which was at the time still in beta/rc and that it doesn't look at all like the old 1 branch - this new version is by far the best dock menu application I've seen for any operating system.

MacOSX-like Dock Menu for KDE: Fancy Tasks [Linux]

- manages your tasks and launchers;
- tasks filtering, grouping (including manual) and sorting;
- launcher to task transition (icons of launchers with running tasks are hidden);

Remove the suspend/hibernate entries from the system menu in the Gnome panel?

The suspend/hibernate menu entries in the "System" menu of the Gnome panel are linked to the Gnome Power Manager. If the Gnome Power Manager supports "suspend" or "hibernate", then the corresponding options will show in the menu.

Make Gnome menus Faster in Ubuntu

If you want to make Gnome menus Faster in Ubuntu follow this procedure. You need to Edit the file /home/your_user_name/.gtkrc-2.0 file:

Unclutter Firefox menus

If you like your browser interface to be simple, try these extensions designed to unclutter Firefox. Compact Menu 2 and two alternative extensions collapses all the menus into a single drop-down button, creating room for you to add buttons such as Downloads, History, and Bookmarks to the menu bar. Organize Status Bar lets you rearrange all the items displayed on your status bar, or even hide some.

Free software menus reinvented

Free software programmers are fond of saying that they'd prefer not to reinvent the wheel. Apparently that attitude no longer applies to desktop menus, considering all the new options springing up.

How to get the Debian Menu back in Ubuntu 7.10

I’ve been hearing recently that lots of folks have been facing near insurmountable difficulties in getting Ubuntu 7.10 to display the Debian Menu properly under Applications. I’m here to help you all surmount.

Extending Nautilus context menus with Nautilus-actions

There are literally dozens of plugins and extensions for Nautilus, the default file manager on the GNOME desktop environment, but there is just one that allows you to customize the Nautilus context menu items. The Nautilus-actions extension enables you to add customized entries to the context menu such that, when you right-click a file, the context menu will show options specific to that file.

Ubuntu Guide For Windows Users: Customizing Items In The Panel Menubar

Just as easy to add and remove applications or programs icons and descriptions from Windows Start menu, customizing Ubuntu Gnome menu bar panel is a snap for ex-Windows users.

Katapulting away from the menu.

One of the programs that, when I first saw it in Kubuntu, I thought that I would never have any use for. After using it for a bit I now miss it on systems that don't have it. That program is called Katapult and it does more than just Katapult you into a program launch.

Ubuntu Hack+Right Click Menu Hack

If you’re like me, you like the option of being able to open certain applications on the fly, simply by selecting them from your right click menu. It is possible to add your most used, or any applications to the Ubuntu right click menu with a tool called Nautilus Actions.

Howto Add entries in GNOME Menu

If you want to Add entries in your GNOME Menu follow these simple steps: first off, right click your applications menu and hit “Edit Menus” The Menu editor will appear.

Adding shortcuts to the right click menu in Ubuntu

If you’re like me, you like the option of being able to open certain applications on the fly, simply by selecting them from your right click menu. It is possible to add your most used, or any applications to the Ubuntu right click menu with a tool called Nautilus Actions.

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