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VLC 1.1.5 Has Been Released [Ubuntu PPA]

VLC 1.1.5 has been released yesterday, introducing some small features and bug fixes.


One of the most interesting new features in VLC 1.1.5 is the addition of 1000 Web-shows listing integrated inside VLC's playlist, provided by These can be accessed by going to View > Playlist > Internet:

How To Install VLC 1.1.0 (Final) In Ubuntu From A PPA (deb)

Gnome Media Player Added To The Official Ubuntu 10.10 Repositories

GNOME Media Player supports the VLC, Xine and Gstreamer engines for playing media. It also has the ability to switch between the engines, and an engine auto select mode which automatically selects the best engine for playing a particular type of file.

Install Miro 3.0.x In Ubuntu (Lucid, Karmic And Jaunty)

miro 3.0.1 ubuntu screenshot

Poll: The Best Linux Movie Player

For this week 'hive five' post, we would like to ask all WebUpd8 readers to vote for the best Linux movie player.

XBMC (Open-Source Media Center) Has Been Updated to Version 9.04, Codename Babylon

XBMC (“XBMC Media Center“) has been updated to version 9.04, codename Babylon, available now for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Apple TV, the classic Xbox, and bootable CDs or USB drives.
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