One Week Until Lubuntu 14.04: Lightweight, LTS, Tidy [Overview & Screenshots]

With Ubuntu 14.04 closing in to the release date, which is set for April 17th, I took Lubuntu for a spin from the daily live ISO image. Lubuntu is the most lightweight distribution in the Ubuntu family (the other one being Xubuntu which uses Xfce), using LXDE (Lightweight X Desktop Environment), as well as a set of applications intended to be low on resources.

Lubuntu Daily ISO Finally Available For Download

After 3 unofficial releases, Lubuntu was accepted to become a part of the Ubuntu family back at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Budapest. It's still not 100% certain that Lubuntu will become an official Ubuntu flavor starting with version 11.10, but it's getting there, especially since you can finally download Lubuntu 11.10 daily builds starting today.

Lubuntu (w/ LXDE) 10.04 Lucid Lynx Beta 3 Available For Download


lubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx beta 3


No Official Lubuntu 9.10, But You Can Install A Prototype Via Ubuntu Multiverse Repository

Although a beta version of Lubuntu was released a few months ago, a blog post makes it clear Lubuntu 9.10 won't be released:

Lubuntu Keeps It's Promise - Fastest Ubuntu Yet

When the first Lubuntu ISO came out (LXDE based Ubuntu), it was said that it's purpose is to be faster than Xubuntu:

The First Lubuntu ISO Was Published

The Lubuntu project (Ubuntu based on LXDE) just published it's first ISO. LXDE is a very lightweight and minimal desktop environment using the openbox window manager, the PcManFM file manager, and a very select list of default applications.

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