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GDM3Setup: GUI To Change GDM3 Wallpaper, Theme, Logo And More

GDM3Setup is a simple GUI tool to tweak GDM3 (GNOME3 login screen). Using it, you can change the following GDM3 settings: wallpaper, GTK3 theme, icon theme, logo, disable the login screen user list or restart buttons.

Gnome Shell Login Screen And Lock Screen Mockups

Browsing the Gnome Shell wiki @ live.gnome.org, I stumbled upon some great login screen and lock screen mockups which you can view below:

Remove The User List From Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic GDM Login Screen

ubuntu karmic gdm login screen

The GDM login screen in Ubuntu Karmic displays the user list by default, which is considered a security risk by many people.

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