openSUSE 10.3 RC1 its here!

I know some of you like openSUSE and maybe dont know about this new Release Candidate, so, here you are lucky bastards!

Wine 0.9.45 its out and ready to be downloaded

Go get your cup and serve yourself some Wine, 'cause v 0.9.45 its out and ready to be downloaded.

Parallels The New Ultimate Virtualization Solution?

Until now, Parallels has had problems compiling the the newest ubuntu kernels and now is working absolutely great on my ubuntu machine, i just ditched qemu, virtualbox, and vmware! Dont ditch yours just yet untill you have a feel of this Virtualization Solution that has suprised the hell out of me.

So far I have tried Windows XP, and PC-BSD and they both run much smoother on my box, it has new technology that takes full advantage of your hardware.

Here are some features..and a direct download :)

Fix your frozen system

Is your system frozen and CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE doesn't work?, dont press the reboot button, here we have the right solution.

The Linux Action Show! Podcast

Linux enthusiasts talk top news stories, trends and any other subject regarding Linux and Open Source!

Windows Guy Tries Ubuntu 7.04

I’m Live Blogging my first attempt at the newest version of Ubuntu , version 7.04. Let me get this out of the way first - I am a hard-core Windows fan. Say what you want about Microsoft, it powers the world. I can use any hardware, play any game and use nearly any software ever written. I can do it securely, and with little frustration. Every attempt I have ever made at using Linux has left me disappointed. I am a geek, but I do not relish spending 3 days to get a wireless card working when I can do it in 5 minutes in Windows. There, is that enough of a disclaimer? OK then here we go.

Using TrueCrypt on Ubuntu for Encryption

TrueCrypt is open source software for on-the-fly encryption. TrueCrypt can use an encrypted file or partition and mount it for use transparently by any application. The Windows version has a fancy GUI, but on Linux there is a good command line interface.

Flash Linux

good distro once ready for running on 256 usbkey.

IEs4Linux: Internet Explorer for your Linux

Dont you like Firefox? Shame on you, but you can install Microsoft Internet Explorer (5, 5.5 or 6) easy and quick with IEs4Linux.

-Stay Metal!

Flying Sim in Google Earth!

Google did not mention that the latest version of Google Earth has a build-in flying simulator! It works on all platforms, including Linux. The Linux version even worked with my joystick.

Press Ctrl-Alt-A, choose your plane and airport, and start flying.

Google Earth flying sim

Two More Linux Games

Here are two more great open source Linux games that you may not have tried yet: VDrift and Secret Maryo Chronicles.

DEB package available at GetDeb

VDrift is a driving simulator made with a focus on drift racing. It includes 19 tracks and 28 cars.


Secret Maryo Chronicles
DEB package available at GetDeb

Secret Maryo is a platform game which recently reached version 1.0.


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