Quick Linux Tip: Force New Windows To Start Centered

This quick tip is for Gnome users. I always wanted new windows to start centered on the desktop but never searched for something to modify this behavior. But yesterday I stumbled onto something which fixes this by changing 2 parameters in Gnome's almighty gconf editor:

TTYtter Is A Complete Twitter Client Which Runs In a Console


Remove The Clutter On Your Gnome Panels With Drop-Down Launchers

This isn't something new, but I for one didn't know what the "Drawer" Gnome panel applet does so I thought I'd write about it.


Create Avatars With Linux Application MeMaker

memaker created avatars

Hive Rise: An Amazing, Free, Real Time Strategy Game For Windows and Linux

Hive Rise is an RTS MMOG game in which your main goal is to build your equipment and make your soldiers win the war. This free, real time strategy game works on both Windows and Linux and is played online with thousands of other players, in short concluded matches and each player tries to achieve one of 12 possible objectives.

Wally: Best Automatic Wallpaper Changer Application I've Seen

We wrote about different automatic wallpaper changer applications either for Windows, Linux and / or Mac OSX but Wally is special. Wally is a Qt4 wallpaper changer, using multiple sources like files, folders, FTP remote folders, Flickr, Yahoo!, Panoramio, Pikeo, Ipernity, Photobucket, Buzznet, Picasa and Smugmug images.

Install AVG Free Anti-Virus For Linux

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition for Linux provides basic antivirus protection and is available for private and non-commercial use only.

Please note that this version of AVG is command-line so you must use a terminal to use it.

Using AVG Free Anti-Virus for Linux

Edit Images in Bulk With Phatch

Phatch (works on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX) is a simple to use GUI Photo Batch Processor which handles all popular image formats. Phatch can batch resize, rotate, apply perspective, shadows, rounded corners, and more. Also, it allows you to use EXIF and IPTC tags for renaming and data stamping.

Free Space Shooter Game For Linux: AstroMenace

AstroMenace is a space shooter for Linux where the player controls a ship in three-dimensional environments and he must fight alien invaders to survive. The player starts with a ship equipped with simple weapons and he must collect money to upgrade them and increase the firepower against the enemy.

sK1 Ubuntu Repository (Vector Graphics Editor For Linux)

A few months ago I was telling you about sK1, an open source vector graphics editor similar to CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, or Freehand.

Enable Smooth Fonts In WINE

WINE supports font smoothing, including subpixel since Wine version 1.1.12. The problem is, this feature is disabled by default. All you have to do is open a terminal and paste the following 2 commands:

Easy Peasy Linux (Ubuntu Eee) 1.5 Released

easy peasy screenshot

Create Professional Looking DVDs With Free Application DVDStyer

DVDStyler is a cross-platform (works on Windows and Linux) free DVD authoring application for the creation of professional-looking DVDs. It allows not only burning of video files on DVD that can be played practically on any standalone DVD player, but also creation of individually designed DVD menus.

Linux & Wine: Make uTorrent Default For Opening .torrent Files In Firefox

There are a lot of good BitTorrent applications for Linux, but some people just don't want to give up uTorrent because either they are too used to it or just because it actually works quite OK in Linux, under Wine. One major problem with using uTorrent this way is that Firefox doesn't open .torrent files with uTorrent, so you have to save the torrent file and then load it.

Exaile Fixes 14 Bugs Found in 0.3.0

Exaile is a music manager and player for GTK+ written in Python. I recently wrote about the newly released 0.3.0 which is a complete re-write of Exaile and because of that, there were quite a few bugs.

OpenSonic: The Free Version Of The Famous Sonic Game

OpenSonic is an open source and cross platform (works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X (experimental) and Dreamcast) game based on the famous character "Sonic the Hedgehog". It introduces a different style of gameplay called cooperative play, in which it's possible to control 3 characters simultaneously.

Round-up: Updated Linux Applications

Linux applications recently updated (well, actually some are multi-platform, but anyway):

Where is Application 1.5 - application which informs you where to find applications after installing, in the Gnome menu | Download for Ubuntu

Mound Data Manager Takes Snapshots Of Your Applications For Later Restoring

Mound Data Manager is a tool that can manage data in the context of other applications. You can take snapshots, delete, and move data from many of your favorite applications. As an example: one day, Firefox starts crashing due to a bad add-on or script. With this application, you could restore everything to a previous configuration which didn't encounter these problems.

Simple DVD Slide Show Maker for Linux: Imagination

Imagination is a lightweight and simple DVD slide show maker for Linux. Just start it up, then click the top-left button to create a new slide show. A new dialog box pops up, asking you for a name (and location to save) your new slideshow, along with the format and a couple other options.

MP3 Diags Fixes Your MP3 Files, Adds Track Information

MP3 Diags is a GUI-based application running on Windows and Linux that allows end-users to identify issues with their MP3 files, fix some of the issues and make other changes (identifies more than 50 different issues in MP3 files and provides the means to fix many of them), like adding track information. It also lets you "look inside" an MP3 file.

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