Indicator Weather Update Brings Many Changes, Bug Fixes

The latest Weather Indicator (which we've covered 

How To Use Cardapio Menu With Docky And Avant Window Navigator

Cardapio is a main menu replacement for GNOME which comes with a lot of useful features and plugins. It can run as a GNOME panel applet or as a stand-alone application.

What Font To Use For Your Ubuntu Desktop? Try These!

A lot of people have been asking us to write an article on what fonts to use in Ubuntu, so here it is. These are my favourite fonts and among the few I can use but of course that may not be the case for everybody, so you can share your favourite font(s) in the comments!

Chrome Web Apps Come To Linux Too


chrome web apps


Pastie (Simple Clipboard Manager) 0.5 Gets Image / Any File Support

Image support was probably the most requested feature back when we posted about Pastie. Well, Pastie got even better than that!

Install Midnight Commander (MC) 4.7.3 In Ubuntu

No Unity Launcher Autohide In Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10

The Unity Launcher-dock won't get an autohide feature in Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10, however such a feature is planned for UNE 11.04. That's probably going to annoy a lot of people: most websites are not designed for browsing on a screen width smaller than 1024px and even applications like OpenOffice are hard to use with the Unity Launcher on a 7 inch screen.

Latest Avant Window Navigator Gets Zeitgeist, Lucido Updates

Avant Window Navigator in the AWN testing PPA got the Zeitgeist applet demoed a few months back. But only starting today you can finally use the Zeitgeist applet with AWN:


Install A Weather Indicator Applet With Notifications Support In Ubuntu


weather indicator applet


GIMP Plugin Registry 3.5.1 Gets ~129 New Plugins

For those who don't know gimp-plugin-registry yet, it is a collection of scripts and plugins for The GIMP. The name is based on the webpage GIMP Plugin Registry, where most (new) plugins and scripts are listed. So far the package ships with 170 scripts/plugins.

Terminator 0.94 Adds 'Watch Terminals For Activity' Plugin, More


Install The Sezen Applet (Zeitgeist Search) From A PPA [Ubuntu]

For all those who had problems compiling the Sezen Applet from source, we have set up the package in a PPA which will from now on hold git / non-released packages for different applications (for now it just holds the Sezen Applet and the required dependencies).

Minitunes (A.k.a. 'Just Another Music Player, Only Better') 0.1 Released! [Ubuntu PPA]

minitunes 0.1

Opera 10.60 RC1 Released

Opera 10.60 final is getting closer! Opera 10.60 RC 1 was just released for Windows, Mac and Linux

New Ubuntu Unity Launcher Video And More Info (And The Ubuntu 10.10 Wallpaper?)

Unity is the new Ubuntu Netbook Edition interface which will be available for Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat.

qBittorrent 2.2.10 Released (Now Available For Windows Too!)

qBittorrent is probably the most actively developed Linux Bittorrent client, with new versions being released constantly fixing lots of bugs but also adding nice features to make you forget 

New 2X CloudClient OS – A USB Stick is All You Need!

This seems like a rather cool little thing they’ve got going on here.. It’s a free operating systems essentially that gives access to web based things like Google Apps, MS Live, Web Browsers etc, but it’s all on a USB stick.

How To Install VLC 1.1.0 (Final) In Ubuntu From A PPA (deb)

How To Sync Extensions In Chromium Browser

he Chromium developers have been working on extensions sync for some time, but this feature only became functional today. However, it is not available by default for now so you must manually enable it.

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