Linux Mint Based On Debian Released - And It's A Rolling Distribution!

Linux Mint based on Debian Testing has been released yesterday.

FoxTester: Easy Way To Try Or Install Any Firefox Version In Ubuntu (Including Firefox 4)

Want a way to try out the latest Firefox 4 (currently beta 5 - released today) without making any changes to your system?

Super OS Repository For Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Comes With Adobe Air, Spideroak, TrueCrypt And Lots More

Super OS (formerly: Super Ubuntu) is a modified version of Ubuntu 10.04. But this post isn't about Super OS but about the amazing repository it comes with and which you can of course use on a regular Ubuntu 10.04 installation or any Ubuntu 10.04 based Linux distribution/remaster.

mFatOS - Ubuntu On Steroids (Remastered Ubuntu)

Some of you may not like it, but I for one really love the idea that you can make a custom Ubuntu Live CD, even if you only share it with family and friends.

Clementine 0.5 RC1 Released With iPod, MTP Music Players And USB Mass Storage Disk Support

Xubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Beta Screenshot Tour

Xubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, the XFCE Ubuntu flavor got a lot of changes since 10.04, starting with a new default wallpaper and theme:

Anamnesis - A New Linux Clipboard Manager With Full-Text Search

Anamnesis is a new clipboard manager for Linux designed to be very easy to use by providing a simple interface with full-text search.

How To Set Up A Nautilus "Open In Terminal" Keyboard Shortcut [w/ Video]

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to set a keyboard shortcut in Nautilus for the "Open in terminal" action so that when you're in a certain folder, press

Install Nautilus Elementary In Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

"Synaptic Is Going Bye Bye Soon"

uTorrent Is Finally Available For Linux (Headless - WebUI Only For Now)

2 New Themes Released In The Equinox PPA: Equinox Evolution And Equinox Evolution Light

Equinox is a new GTK2 engine already used by themes such as Elementary.

Talika 0.50 Brings Changes To Icons, Pin Apps Via Drag And Drop, More

Twitter's OAuthpocalypse Today - Upgrade Your Gwibber!

Today is Twitter's OAuthpocalypse: Twitter is shutting down basic authentification so all clients not using OAuth will stop working and one of these Twitter clients is Ubuntu's default microblogging clien

Haguichi 1.0 (Hamachi GUI For GNOME) Adds Support For Hamachi²

How To Make An Application Always Open On A Certain Virtual Desktop (Using Compiz)

Because WebUpd8 reader soee asked in a comment about making an application always open on a certain virtual desktop, I decided to make a full post and a screencast for this - especially

Install VLC 1.1.4 In Ubuntu [Via New PPA!]

As you probably know, the c-korn/vlc PPA has been removed so Ubuntu users must search for a new PPA to upgrade to the latest VLC versions (currently 1.1.4).

Ofris - Deep Freeze Like Application For Linux

If you ever went to a cyber cafe, you probably noticed that any changes you make to their system: create or delete files, settings and so on, are reseted when you restart the computer.

Make A Movie Out Of Photos In Ubuntu Using PhotoFilmStrip

So you really like the new Face Movie feature in Picasa 3.8 and want it in Linux too?

Flattr: Support Your Favourite FLOSS Software!

So what's Flattr? Well, it's a social micropayment system you can use to donate money, but you can only receive as long as you also give which sounds like a very interesting concept.

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