Taking Ubuntu Unity Interface For A Test Drive [Screenshots and Video]

The new Unity interface for Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition and Ubuntu Light will remind you of Gnome Shell, but Unity seems more usable, with the "dock" panel on the left. We took Ubuntu Unity interface for a test drive, so here are some screenshots and video I just took, as well as explainations on how the Unity dock works.

Ubuntu 10.10 Will Get Unity, Ubuntu Light Interface


Ubuntu 10.04 Default Icons (Humanity) Folder Color Changes

An update today brings a darker color for the default icons in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx:

Final Decision For Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Window Controls Placement Announced By Mark Shuttleworth

Final Decision For Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Window Controls Placement Announced By Mark Shuttleworth ... and I bet you didn't see this coming!

Ambiance And Radiance Themes No Longer Need Special Fixing After Today's Update [Ubuntu]

The Ubuntu light-themes: Ambiance and Radiance got an update today which finally fixes the border around the Metacity buttons, meaning you can now place them in any order without the need to edit the theme in GIMP to fix the border around the maximize button.

Ubuntu-Mono 0.9 Brings Lots Of Updated / New Icons [Ubuntu 10.04]

ubuntu-mono restart icon


Fixed Ubuntu Light Themes Metacity PPA [Lucid, Karmic, Jaunty]

I just posted about a PPA which has a fixed Light Themes package for Lucid, but that PPA doesn't have packages for Karmic and Jaunty and also that package replaces the original Light Themes.

Mohegan asked if we could upload a fixed light-themes package in the WebUpd8 PPA and so we did, but we tried to please as many people as we can, so:

And The Reason Why The Metacity Window Buttons Are On The Left In Ubuntu 10.04 Is...

...from Mark Shuttleworth himself:

Ubuntu 'light-themes' Package Released, Brings Lots Of Improvements And Bug Fixes

ubuntu light themes

Download Radiance With Minimize And Maximize Buttons Back To Normal

radiance metacity normal buttons

GTK, Emerald, Metacity Themes And Wallpapers - More Ubuntu Lucid 'Light' Goodies

Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx new themes and logo were made public only a couple of days ago but there are already quite a few "goodies" available based on this new artwork.

Yesterday we say a beautiful BURG theme based on the new Radiance theme, but since then many artists have been playing with the new wallpaper, logo, etc. Read on!

Dichotomy GTK theme


Ubuntu Lucid Light Themes (Radiance and Ambiance) Available In A PPA

Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) Light Themes (Radiance and Ambiance) - click me if you haven't seen the themes yet - will probably be updated lots of times until Lucid Lynx is released.

Almost Official: Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Will Have The Window Buttons On The LEFT!

ubuntu light left corner metacity theme

Ubuntu Finally Getting A New Default Theme Starting With Lucid

In a recent interview (as of yesterday, 19 February) for DellVlog, Mark Shuttleworth says Ubuntu will finally change the default theme from Human to a "light theme". Here is the entire interview:

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