Touchpad-Indicator Now Automatically Disables The Touchpad When You Plug In A Mouse

Touchpad Indicator was created with a very simple feature in mind: to allow you to easily enable / disable your laptop or netbook touchpad with a click but it slowly started gaining some other cool features.

Increase Your Linux Netbook / Laptop Battery Life

Powertop can help your Linux laptop / netbook battery life but if you want to increase it drastically, you'll have to do some further tweaking.

Battery Status 0.1.1 Fixes Lots Of Issues With The First Release

Battery Status 0.1 Released - Improved Battery Applet For The Gnome Desktop

System76 Launches Biometric Ubuntu Linux Laptop

As big PC companies like Hewlett-Packard finally push into desktop Linux, WorksWithU will give equal time to the industry pioneers that evangelized desktop Linux before it went mainstream.

Selling My Boss On Ubuntu

Here’s how I educated my boss about Ubuntu Linux, and convinced him to make the move. Story is posted on Works With U, the independent guide to Ubuntu.

Building an attractive, usable desktop on a budget laptop

Creating a light, attractive desktop environment on a new low-end laptop using Openbox in Ubuntu is simple and offers you most of the features you need for everyday computing without much of the load that comes with GNOME or KDE.

Dell offers high-end Ubuntu laptop

Increasingly-less-direct box shifter Dell has quietly started to offer Ubuntu Linux on its high-end XPS laptops as an option for those who don't want to pay for Windows Vista.

Securing Linux laptops

Laptop and notebooks are being stolen at an ever-increasing rate. In 2004, Safeware Insurance which sells computer insurance, estimated 600,000 laptop and notebooks a year were being stolen. In 2006 an estimated 750,000 were being swiped, according to Absolute Software a company that makes computer tracking products -- and does not support Linux.

Update BIOS of Dell laptop with Ubuntu

Good news for Dell laptops owners: latest BIOS images can be loaded with Ubuntu, Fedora or CentOS! It was announced at official Direct2Dell blog by Matt Domsch.

Laptop Hardrive Killer Bug - How to discover whether you are affected

Your harddisk shouldn’t spin-down/spin-up and/or park/unpark too much causing the mechanics of the harddrive to slowly detiorate. If this is happening you should see your Load_Cycle_Count increasing too fast.

The following things might cause aggressive power management :

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