MakuluLinux Interview: Lead Developer Jaque Maymer Talks About Makulu

After looking at the latest edition of MakuluLinux, which comes with MATE 1.8 and looks awesome, we decided to ask Jaque Raymer, the lead developer of Makulu, a few questions regarding this new, customizable distribution which employs a new direction, making it stand out compared to ot

Interview with Tom Wickline of Bordeaux Technology Group

Today we’ll be talking with Tom Wickline, leader of the Bordeaux Technology Group, a company specialized in development of Windows compatibility software, supporting Linux, FreeBSD, PC-BSD, Solaris, OpenIndiana and Mac OS X.

Interview With Jeff Hoogland, Lead Developer for Bodhi Linux

I took some time to contact Jeff Hoogland, lead developer for Bodhi Linux, and asked him a few questions about the distribution he is in charge with.

Spotlight on FOSS: An Interview with Mark Shuttleworth

Once we had our concept together we contacted a few connections, and came up an interview with Mark Shuttleworth. Yes, that is correct, we scored an interview with the Mark Shuttleworth, and we would use the Internet to do it. We sent him a list of questions, and he taped his response to these questions while he was in a studio in London.

Open Enterprise Interview: Jono Bacon

Ubuntu has rapidly established itself as the leading GNU/Linux distribution on the desktop, not least through its work with Dell. Less well-known is the fact that Canonical, the company sponsoring Ubuntu – and trying to create a viable business around it – is based in London. One of the key members of staff working there is Jono Bacon, Canonical's Ubuntu Community Manager.

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