How to Install Anything in Ubuntu Part I: The Package Manager

There used to be a popular tutorial for beginners about this titled How to install ANYTHING in Ubuntu!, however it has not been updated since 2006 and it is a bit outdated (some of it still applies though).

Installing Ubuntu Linux - Is It As Perfect As They Say?

It has probably been four years since I last installed Linux from scratch.  It isn't that I haven't touched a Linux command prompt or system in four years, it just that all of my installs are on my servers which just get updates applied.  I decided to install Ubuntu Linux the other morning on an older Dell laptop I have replacing Windows. 

How to install packages behind a proxy?

A small guide on how to install packages while sitting behind a proxy server. I've explained the installation through the UI based Synaptics Pacakge manager instead of the normal apt-get commands.

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