How to Install Anything in Ubuntu Part 2: Installing Software

Tutorial about installing software in Ubuntu.

2 Ways to Install the Latest Flash in Ubuntu 11.04

In this tutorial I'll explain two different methods of installing the latest version of Flash Player in Ubuntu Natty Narwhal. The first one is the manual way, which means we will have to download the Flash plugin from the Adobe website and copy it manually in the ~/.mozilla directory. The second way is straightforward by using Ubuntu's multiverse repositories.

How to Install Picasa 3.6 in Ubuntu

I'll start with a sad announcement made by Google

Although Google released Picasa 3.0 for Linux, a company spokesperson said that version 3.5 is only being released for Mac and Windows due to low adoption of Picasa 3.0 among Linux users.

It's kind of sad, because as much I enjoy the Linux's software variety, Picasa is irreplaceable from my point of view. The latest version ported to Linux is 3.0, and.. the latest Windows version is 3.6 which have cool features like face recognition and lots of bugs fixed. I really don't understand why is so hard to maintain the Linux version because even the version installed from Google's repository is emulated with Wine (and probably a little bit changed, but.. the hard work is done by Wine). Anyway, here's how you can have Picasa 3.6 (or the latest) in Ubuntu.

You can skip the first step if you have it installed on a Windows partition,or you can get the installation folder from another PC.

Install Firefox 3.6 Beta1Pre In Ubuntu For A Huge Speed Boost

I was telling you about my issues with scrolling in Firefox (see #6). Well, I didn't manage to fix that for Firefox 3.5 but instead, I installed Firefox 3.6 beta 1 pre (Namoroka) and the scrolling now works perfectly (thanks to Tinhed for the tip!).

How To Install and Run Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty From a USB Flash Drive

This basically makes the Live Ubuntu ISO save changes onto your USB drive by using casper-rw loop file for persistently saving and restoring changes on subsequent boots.

Appnr Launches!

Appnr is the Web based tool and a service that install the application on Ubuntu.

Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu with Wine

The Linux version of Google’s Chrome web browser is not ready yet. Don’t boot up Windows, if you’re interested in testing it out it’s possible to do so by running Chrome under Wine.

Exclude Packages from being Installed and Upgraded in Debian/Ubuntu

Package managers make life on Linux a whole lot easier. Instead of managing bits of software by yourself and sorting out the inevitable dependency hell, where one package depends upon another and that depends upon yet another and so on, you can have a clever bit of software do all the work.

Install Xubuntu Desktop alongside Ubuntu

If you’re new to Ubuntu you may or may not be aware of the fact that we like our choices here.  One of the big choices is the desktop environment that you work in.  The big two are Gnome and KDE, but there are quite a few more.  Xubuntu, or Ubuntu using the XFCE desktop environment, is another official release variant from the Ubuntu community.  If you’ve never tried it out I’ve got instructions below on how to install it in parallel to your existing desktop, giving you the option of selecting one at login. - Search n' Install Software

Wanted to thank the staff for adding a link to our site. is a web-based software delivery system for Ubuntu/Debian, the site contains the most popular well documented applications with screenshots, reviews, system requisites, and support links for each. You may install software using either the AptUrl protocol or with our own custom utility which is additionally capable of local .deb package installs. We also maintain a custom repository that contains additional packages that may not be in the Canonical supported repos, like Flock Webbrowser and Frostwire for instance.

This is a very young project that is constantly growing and we welcome any and all community suggestions. We are very commited to Free/Open Source Software and both our site and utility are under the CC-SA and GPL.

Install Gimpshop in Ubuntu Hardy

GIMPshop is a modification of the free/open source graphics program GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), intended to replicate the feel of Adobe Photoshop. Its primary purpose is to make users of Photoshop feel comfortable using GIMP.

Install Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1.2 on Ubuntu 8.04

I figured it was time to update my previous posts on how to install Adobe Acrobat Reader for Ubuntu 8.04.  It has become much simpler to install than it has been in the past, meaning it can be installed via a proper .deb package.  It is not available in the main Ubuntu repositories, but it is available in Medibuntu.

A much easier way to install Ubuntu on a USB device (Stick or HD)!

I was reading How to install Ubuntu Linux from USB Stick posted on this site a while ago, and found it to be quite some work to get Ubuntu working on a USB stick. Besides, having to prepare your USB device, creating a separate partition on it which will be more or less “useless” after the installation, giving up 750MB of space? There had to be a better way.

Install Cursor Themes

I’ve enjoyed regularly changing up my GTK and Metacity themes, but until recently I have never switched to a new cursor set. There are many high-quality cursor themes available, and they are easy to install in GNOME.

Install RealPlayer on Ubuntu

In my last post I had a mini rant regarding the BBC's use of RealPlayer and how I believe Real's media formats are not particularly well supported under Linux. In the comments which followed, James pointed out the fact that RealPlayer is supported under Linux; you just have download the executable binary file and install it yourself. In my reply to James, I stated:

Install Helix audio and video player in Hardy

The Helix Player is an audio and video player based on the Helix DNA Client engine. It includes a Mozilla browser plug-in and supports local file playback and streaming over RTSP/RTP and HTTP. It supports video zoom in original, double size, and full screen, and supports:

Install 3D Transitions for OpenOffice 2.4

One of the major new features for OpenOffice 2.4 on Linux is the 3D capabilities for Impress, the presentation component. The new transitions are not part of the default install, but as an extension. If you’re an Impress user, you may be interested in installing it.

Install (GTA) Grand Theft Auto Vice City with wine in Ubuntu Hardy Heron!

Did you know GTA Vice City works in wine? The other day I was bored... really bored... So I decided to download GTA and get it working in wine, and to my suprise it was too freakn simple. All I did was Download GTA Vice City apply no-cd-cracked.exe and started it up. Has anyone else had any great successes in getting hot games working in wine? Please let me know and let us all know how you got it to work. Here is how I got GTA Vice City working...

What Linux distribution to chose?

Lots of people today are bored from Microsoft OS, so they want to change it. Most of them want to chose Linux, but isn’t so easy. In this moment Linux is on his best way to make “Linux World” where all computer users will use Linux OS. That is because today we have more 100 distributions.

Install Cairo-Dock

Cairo-Dock is a system dock similar to Awn and the dock in Mac OS X. It’s not as fancy as Awn, but Cairo-Dock is very configurable and supports some slick graphical effects.

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