Trying Out Impress Prototype (Renaissance)

Remember the prototype? Now you can try the Renaissance Impress without any installation (but you do need Java installed). That being said, you can download the Impress prototype from HERE. Impress: Using Master Slides

The Master view in Impress is the equivalent of page styles in Writer. It's the view where you can set elements of design that appear throughout your presentation, such as the slide background and foreground colors, any reoccurring elements, and the fonts. By creating the master slides you need before you add content, you can automate your work and free yourself to focus on content.

Install 3D Transitions for OpenOffice 2.4

One of the major new features for OpenOffice 2.4 on Linux is the 3D capabilities for Impress, the presentation component. The new transitions are not part of the default install, but as an extension. If you’re an Impress user, you may be interested in installing it.

Extensions for Impress

Extensions have long been written for Writer. However, the fact that attention is finally being paid to other applications seems a sign that is finally starting to develop an active extension-writing community.

Recording sounds for Impress slides with eVoice

Over the last few years, has started to develop a respectable number of extensions, mostly for Writer and Calc, the two most widely used applications. The Extensions site lists only a handful that are unique to Impress. The recently released eVoice, which records sounds for direct insertion into a slide, is one of them. Once configured, eVoice is straightforward to learn, and becomes even more useful when you're working with other Impress features.

Resizing the slides in OpenOffice Impress Handouts

This excellent tip comes to me from Robert. You can specify the number of slides in your Presentation handouts. Click the Handouts tab at the top  of the work area and you get this view. Pick 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 slides per page. But sometimes the slide placeholders are kind of small. Really small. It varies a bit depending on what your page orientation was when you made the change.

One thing you can do is switch between number of slides per page, like from 6 to 2 to 3. That can help.

Another approach, you're thinking is "Hey, why not resize the slides????" That would be nice, but when you move your mouse over the corner handle, you get the "denied!" ghostbusters symbol.

Welcome back, user-defined motion paths in OpenOffice Impress 2.3

Back in the good old days of 1.x, you could draw a line, then draw an object, and make the object move along whatever line that was. It was great.

Then the lovely redesign of Impress came, and that user-defined motion path feature got lost along the way.  It was a sad time.

Office shootout: Impress vs. Microsoft PowerPoint, round 2

How does the current version of (OOo) compare with Microsoft Office in its ability to produce slide presentations? The last time I tried to answer that question, two years ago, both OOo Impress and Microsoft PowerPoint had features that the other lacked. To see how the two programs compare now, I installed Microsoft Office 2007 and 2.3, and went through the process of designing a slide show from start to finish. To my surprise, the results were more decisive than in my last comparison. They're not enough to award a knockout victory, but, even based on points, the winner is clear.

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