Run Internet Explorer In Ubuntu Linux

Are you a web designer who runs Linux but needs to test websites using Internet Explorer? Maybe you are an “average” computer user who wants to switch to Linux but still has a few sites that only work in IE. Whatever the case is, if you need to run Internet Explorer in Linux try using IEs 4 Linux.

Install IE4Linux on Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)

I just post this matter after I have asking from my friend, how to install "Internet Explorer " on Linux. Sometime, web base application didn't matching the code with others browser. Thats why my friend ask me to do that. I suggest him to use IE4Linux. This is the way I install the IE4Linux on Ubuntu 7.10(Gutsy Gibbon)

How to make Firefox look and feel like IE, Safari, or Opera

One of the biggest complaints a Firefox evangelist encounters is "it doesn't act or feel like browser X." Internet Explorer users complain that Firefox doesn't look like what they're used to. Opera, Safari, and Netscape users complain that it's missing many of their favorite features. And the social networking gurus point to the powerful social networking features Flock boasts and Firefox lacks. However, all these users overlook one of the most powerful features of Firefox: support for third-party add-ons, which can make emulating the features of other browsers extremely simple.

Running IE On Linux -- And Running Windows XP For Free (Sort Of)

Yes, I know the headline sounds like the fodder for a joke: "Run IE on Linux? Why would you want to?" But there are circumstances where it's unavoidable -- compatibility testing, or accessing IE-only sites without dual-booting -- and in the last few weeks I've come across a couple of interesting approaches to this issue.

IEs4Linux: Internet Explorer for your Linux

Dont you like Firefox? Shame on you, but you can install Microsoft Internet Explorer (5, 5.5 or 6) easy and quick with IEs4Linux.

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