10 "Really Cool" Icon Sets for Ubuntu/GNOME Desktop

You can spice up the look of your GNOME desktop by putting on a killer theme and match it with really cool Linux wallpaper. To greatly enhance its appearance, you will also need some equally good-looking set of icons.

Adding Custom Icons and Disabling Desktop Icons In Gnome

A few of us were discussing minimal desktop environments the other day and I was reminded of the olden days when I used XFCE.  I really liked the clean interface which did not display any desktop icons by default.  Looking back on that I was reminded that it is an option available in Gnome as well, so here is how to do it.

Show The Computer, home, Network and Trash icons on Your Ubuntu desktop

By default, Ubuntu does not show Computer,home,network and Trash icon on the desktop in Ubuntu. Instead Ubuntu shows the Trash icon on the extreme right of the bottom panel. Also having the Trash icon on the desktop in Ubuntu is a good option, because it becomes easier to drag - drop files onto the Trash icon.

Icon herding gets easier with Tango Generator

When you want to customize the look and feel of your Linux desktop environment, you can find many resources for altering window managers and interface widgets, but working with icons has always been more of an issue. Now you can get help with icons from a new program called Tango Generator.

Restore Missing Icons in OpenOffice

After changing your Ubuntu system icon theme you may find that OpenOffice’s toolbar icons have disappeared. There’s an easy fix for this.

Hide Partition Icons From Your Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu will place icons for other partitions on your desktop. Do you like a clean desktop, or just don’t always need access those other partitions? Changing a value in the GNOME Configuration Editor will stop partitions from being displayed on your desktop.

Howto install Wine, µTorrent with Native Tray Icon

This HOWTO will describe how to install uTorrent on your Debian Linux desktop using wine and how to get a more suitable tray icon using alltray.

Wine is an Open Source implementation of the Windows API on top of X, OpenGL, and Unix. µTorrent is a lightweight and efficient BitTorrent client for Windows with many features.

First of all we need to add a new repo for this you need to edit the sources.list file:

Compiz Fusion Site up, with new Icon design

There has been a remodelation and redesign of the Compiz Fusion Homepage, using their new Icon set and with a new design.

Couple of Tips to make Gnome look nicer.

A fresh install of Ubuntu can look like a dogs dinner thanks to the massive icons and massive fonts, a couple of tips here to make gnome a little nicer to work with...

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