Use your Home folder as your Desktop in Ubuntu

If you’re at all like me, your desktop can become rather cluttered with files over time. One way to at least have files stored in your /home folder rather than your /home/Desktop folder is to set your /home folder as your actual Desktop. This is particularly helpful if you use a separate larger drive as your /home folder.

Show The Computer, home, Network and Trash icons on Your Ubuntu desktop

By default, Ubuntu does not show Computer,home,network and Trash icon on the desktop in Ubuntu. Instead Ubuntu shows the Trash icon on the extreme right of the bottom panel. Also having the Trash icon on the desktop in Ubuntu is a good option, because it becomes easier to drag - drop files onto the Trash icon.

Move your home directory to its own partition

There are some reasons why you may need to move your home directory to its own partition, it could be because you run out of space, or because you may want to share it with another distro in a dual Linux boot installation, well lets start.

Building a Home File Server

Setting up a file server doesn't need to be complicated. With three desktop machines (Kubuntu, Win XP and a testbed, which is currently running ReactOS) and a laptop (Xubuntu) in use at home, our IT is reaching small office proportions, and like many small offices, we run into file sharing problems.

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