Live CD To Fix / Restore Grub (And Grub2) Or Force Filesystem Check: Rescatux

There are many ways Grub can get broken: installing Windows, messing around with Grub configuration files or just a faulty update. Luckily, there are also quite a few ways to restore Grub. Such a tool is Rescatux, an really easy to use Live CD that fixes the Grub in seconds.


Grub Customizer 1.5 Released With Grub 2 Recovery Feature

Grub Customizer is a new graphical GRUB2 settings manager which we've told you about last week.

Grub Customizer Lets You Reorder, Add Or Remove GRUB 2 Menu Entries

Grub Customizer is a new graphical GRUB2 settings manager. For now, it only allows you to edit the GRUB2 menu entries: reorder, rename or add/remove entries. Since these are actually scripts which generate the boot.cfg file, Grub Customizer changes the actual script order and then generates a new boot.cfg so if you then run "sudo update-grub", your customization won't be overwritten.

How To Reboot In Windows From Ubuntu (GRUB 2)

If you're dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows, you can use a simple command (or create a menu shortcut for it) to easily restart in Windows from Ubuntu. This should actually work with any Grub entry, not just Windows (so if you using multiple Linux distributions, it will work with that too).

Fix Symbol 'grub_puts' Not Found When Migrating From Ubuntu Karmic To Lucid

Alexandre from jellykernel sent us a tip he wrote on his blog (in French) about an "Fix symbol 'grub_puts' not found" error when migrating from Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala to Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, so we'll translate it into English so it hopefully helps a lot of people.

How To Recover GRUB2 In Ubuntu

Starting with Ubuntu Karmic, Grub2 is used (for clean installs for now), so THIS how-to on recovering the GRUB no longer works for the new GRUB2.

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