Connecting GPRS From Ubuntu Gutsy

Connecting to GPRS using a Nokia Phone is not too tough in Ubuntu Gutsy. This is because the default udev rules does install the required drivers and map most of the Nokia devices to /dev/ttyACM0. But it can become tough if you need to retain the resolv.conf or making the pppd to add a default route to the connected device. We will see how it was done properly in the Saturn Labs.

GPRS via Bluetooth enabled phone on Ubuntu Linux (and not only)

This will be a small guide on how to connect to internet using a GPRS over a Bluetooth enabled Phone.

1) First you need to install the necessary tools:

  • - Bluez-utils (sudo apt-get install bluez-utils) (should be installed by default on Ubuntu)
  • - bluez-pin (sudo apt-get install bluez-pin) (not existing anymore I believe)

Use your Treo 650 internet connection for Ubuntu via GPRS

Make sure you are running the latest versions of firmware for the Treo 650. I happen to have an unlocked edition so this is very easy to fix from PalmOne.

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