Rescue Lost Partitions Data With GParted 0.8

GParted is a partition manager you can use to resize, copy or move partition without losing your data.

The latest GParted 0.8, released a couple of days ago, adds an option to rescue data from lost partitions:

MultiCD Builds a Multi-boot CD / DVD With Many Different Linux Distributions is a shell script designed to build a multiboot CD / DVD image containing many different Linux distributions and/or utilities. You can use it for instance to burn Gparted Live, Clonezilla and Ubuntu, all on the same multiboot DVD.

7 Uses of GParted Live

I’ve been using GNU Parted to slice and dice my disk in preference to the fdisk for almost as long as I’ve been using Linux. We all fill up our hard-drives from time to time, but thanks to Gnome GParted, rearranging disk partitions isn’t as terrifying as it used to be. In fact, armed with a GParted Live CD, there’s a swathe of disk space fiddling jobs I can tackle without gnawing my fingers to the bone:

Managing your partitions with Gparted

Gparted stands for Gnome Partition Editor. This tool has GUI interface and it is really easy to manage your partitions with it. It also comes as GPartEd live CD.

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