New Google Linux Apps Coming Soon

In addition to Chris DiBona’s words about NVIDIA and ATI binary display drivers, Google had also made an interesting splash at the first-ever Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit (which they had kindly hosted at their Mountain View campus) during a presentation by the Google Linux Client Team. What was it?

Flying Sim in Google Earth!

Google did not mention that the latest version of Google Earth has a build-in flying simulator! It works on all platforms, including Linux. The Linux version even worked with my joystick.

Press Ctrl-Alt-A, choose your plane and airport, and start flying.

Google Earth flying sim

Quick Tip: Use Google Talk Sidebar in Firefox

Instead of using the Google Talk client embedded in Gmail, why not use it in your sidebar instead? Thanks to the gTalk sidebar extension, we can do just that.

Goobuntu? could be the name of the Google Linux distro

Google has announced that they are working on a new project, which is a new Linux distribution based on the famous Ubuntu.

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