Display Multiple Folders Together Using Easy Union Nautilus Extension

Easy-Union is a Nautilus extension which allow to create "union points" in which the content of multiple directories appear, thus providing an easy way to organize data (for example by making the content of "video" folder on a USB key to appear in the same folder as videos stored on the local hard-disk).

Epiphany - GNOME Web Browser Review

Epiphany is usually the first choice for GNOME users who want to use a web browser which is lighter than Firefox and integrates well with GNOME. Of course, there are alternatives like Konqueror or Opera out there, but they are either too bloated compared to Epiphany, or they don't integrate very well with the GNOME desktop environment.

Gnome Do 0.8.2 Released

In case you don't know, GNOME Do allows you to quickly search for many items present on your desktop or the web, and perform useful actions on those items.

New in Gnome Do 0.8.2:

Schedule Tasks in GNOME / Linux Using Gnome-schedule

Most Linux/Unix veterans use cron to schedule tasks on their machines and it is a very powerful utility for what it does.

The problem with cron is that it's way to hard and cryptic to use for the newbies / average Linux user. For them, there is an easier alternative to get things done.

Change Gnome Calendar Week Start Day to Monday [How to]

If you set your language to English (US), Gnome Calendar applet starts the week with Sunday, which is ok for USA but not for the rest of us and unfortunately there is no option in the applet to change this.

Make Gimp Panels Auto Hide in Gnome

Normally, Gimp panels are de-attached from the main window, so you practically have 3 windows:

Mumble Makes Notifications in Ubuntu / Gnome, More Growl-Like

Mumbles tries to bring a more Growl-like interface to Linux notifications. Currently it supports applications such as Firefox, Thunderbird, Amarok, and Twitter's API, among others.

Make Qt / KDE Applications Integrate Better with Gnome

QGtkStyle makes your Qt/KDE programs look similarly to GTK ones. But there were no easy .debs for a long while so I searched everywhere and found deb files for Ubuntu on the ubuntuforums.

50 Great Looking Gnome Themes

See them all here.

Advanced Gnome Menu (AGM)

Advanced Gnome Menu (or AGM) is a combination between a menu and a dock. Even though the word 'Gnome' is in it's name, it will soon also work with KDE and Xfce (or it could already work, I can't test this as I only have Gnome installed).

It supports themes, plugins (actually this is what's displayed in it: the usual gnome menu, bookmarks, favorite apps, etc), transparency, etc.

How to Change The Look of the Time and Date in Gnome


To do this we only need to change two lines in the Configuration Editor. Here's how to do it:

1. Press Alt + F2 and enter:

Download Themes for Your Gnome Desktop with Gnome Art

Gnome Art is an art website which allows you to download and install various items such as icons, backgrounds, desktop themes, login window theme and gtk engine. This website comes with a very interesting application which is in the Ubuntu repositories. If you want to install it, run this in a terminal:

GnoMenu Brings Eye Candy to the World of the Gnome Menu's

GnoMenu is a consolidated menu for gnome that brings eye candy to the world of the Gnome menu's. Fully functional menu, supports themes, for a composited or non composited desktop. It can emulate the look and feel of the most beautiful menus of most modern desktops, and it can also custom menus, due to its powerful theme XML engine.

9 Great Gnome Themes with Ubuntu Repositories

François Vogelweith is the author of zgegblog, a site that maintains a collection of great GNOME themes. Balanzan (translated: Balance) is one of its most popular creations, a very comprehensive theme based on Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope, which contains a wallpaper, logon theme, Emerald theme, controls and icons.

Easily Mount ISO Files in Linux on Right Click

This article will explain how to add a script to Nautilus so that you can easly mount and unmount ISO files in most linux distros running Gnome (it needs Nautilus to show the desktop). After a ISO file has been mounted, a shortcut icon will appear on your desktop which you can right click to unmount.

Gnome 2.26 Released - See what's new

GTK+ 2.16 is the latest release of the GTK+ toolkit, which is at the heart of GNOME. GTK+ 2.16 includes a couple of new features for developers, as well as extensive bug fixing and housecleaning for the upcoming GTK+ 3.0. What's New for Users in Gnome 2.26:

Appnr Launches!

Appnr is the Web based tool and a service that install the application on Ubuntu.

13 Terminal Emulators for Linux

Konsole: This is a powerful and full-featured terminal included by default in KDE. It features desktop transparency, background images, profiles, tabs, notifications and plenty schemes to choose from.

GNOME Debian Package Finder: Rough and ready package search for the desktop

If you do your Debian package management from the command line, you are probably aware of utilities that search the cache of available programs, such as apt-cache, apt-file, and dpkg. Possibly, too, you have cursed the limited search information available in graphical interfaces like Synaptic, which does not extend much beyond searching for the description, name, versions, and dependencies. Now, the GNOME Debian Package Finder (gpfind) is in the process of bring much of the command-line search capacity to the desktop -- although, at version 0.1.6, it is still too rough to replace its command-line equivalents for most users.

10 "Really Cool" Icon Sets for Ubuntu/GNOME Desktop

You can spice up the look of your GNOME desktop by putting on a killer theme and match it with really cool Linux wallpaper. To greatly enhance its appearance, you will also need some equally good-looking set of icons.

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