Try A Newer New Wave Gnome Theme

new wave gnome theme 0.9.0

Anton, the developer of the New Wave Gnome theme has been working on a "lighter" version of his amazing theme [...]

Finestly Ying And Yang - Proposed Ubuntu Community Themes

Finestly Ying and Yang are 2 new proposed Ubuntu Lucid themes. Ying is a very dark theme and Yang - a very bright one, both using the Murrine engine and adjusted for the Humanity icons:

Nautilus Elementary: A Simplified Patched Nautilus For Ubuntu

The simplified / elementary Nautilus idea firstly begun with the 100 paper cuts for Ubuntu Karmic and it stated that the menu and columns are too big and take away space for the really important stuff. Unfortunately, a fix was never released. Here is where Nautilus Elementary comes in: a Nautilus patched for simplicity.

Script To Generate A XML Wallpaper File For Gnome

A while ago, we published an article on a script which generates an XML wallpaper set from the National Geographic 2009 wallpaper contest but what if you want to use differe

2 Ways To Mount A Folder / Filesystem Through SSH

If you have access to a remote computer through SSH, but you're not very comfortable with the command line or for any other reason, you can mount a folder or the whole filesystem through SSH. This can be done in 2 ways:

DockBarX 0.24 Released, Features "Pin To Taskbar"

dockbarx 0.24

Wasp Gnome Theme Updated To Version 0.8

Wasp, one of the Ubuntu Lucid proposed themes has been updated to version 0.8.

The new version does not require the Stylish addon for Firefox and also, there are not multiple versions anymore, just an editor you can use to create your own Wasp suited for your taste:

NatGeoWalls Creates A XML Wallpaper Set From 2009 National Geographic Wallpapers

wallpaper set


8 More Beautiful XSplash Screens For Ubuntu

"8 more" becase we already wrote about another 6 nice Xsplash themes for Ubuntu.

The first 3 XSplash themes (screens) are part of the Fusion-GX-v00 pack and can be downloaded from the same location - download link after the third XSplash.

Gnome: Maximize A Window Vertically Or Horizontally Using A Single Click

Update: it also works on KDE and LXDE


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Nautilus Mass Rename Script

Renamer is a small python script for batch renaming files in nautilus, which comes with a GUI.

Google Wave Gnome Theme

After we've seen a Chrome-like theme for Gnome, now it's time for a Wave GTK theme which is inspired by the new Google Wave interface and comes with two metacity themes: default and rounded.

True Transparency For The Gnome Panel

You can set the Gnome panel transparency through it's settings but:

1. That's not true transparency.

Yet Another Window Applet For Gnome

I used some Compiz settings and Namebar to hide the Windows titlebars and display the window title and buttons on the Gnome panel.

Music Album Covers And Picture Previews As Folder Thumbnails In Nautilus

nautilus image as folder cover

Gnome Theme Which Changes Automatically, Depending On The Time Of Day

Based on the Ubuntu Sun concept and New Wave, Narfss has created a Gnome theme for which the titlebar (Metacity only) changes automatically depending on the time of day (dawn, noon, evening and night).

Some Nice and Polished Gnome Panel Backgrounds

Some Nice and Polished Gnome Panel Backgrounds you can use in any Ubuntu version.

The Dual Panel Nautilus Is Now Available For Ubuntu Karmic Koala

dual panel nautilus ubuntu karmic


13 New / Recently Updated Ubuntu (Gnome) Themes [18.11.2009]

1. HumanGraphite

Ubuntu Gnome themes

2. BlackBird

Ubuntu Gnome themes

3. Karmic X

6 Nice Xsplash Themes

You already know PackoXsplash HD (we wrote about it a few days ago) which is my favourite Xsplash, but I guess not everybody likes the same things, so here are some other nice Xplash Themes to use with your new Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10.

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