Drag and Drop Files Out of GNOME Archiver

One last minute feature added to GNOME 2.20 was XDS, the Direct Save Protocol. XDS is a framework for drag and drop functionality between applications. Previously Nautilus, the GNOME file manager, lacked any drag and drop support beyond moving files between Nautilus windows. With XDS, Nautilus can drag and drop with other applications.

GNOME 2.20 shows significant improvement

GNOME 2.20 was released yesterday. Even though I use GNOME regularly, I normally don't get excited over new releases, because most seem to offer little more substance than previous versions, with most of the work being done under the hood. This time, though, GNOME has a solid list of new features and upgrades. It's worth taking a look at even if you aren't a fan of this desktop environment.

Cheesy Photo Booth-Like App for GNOME

Cheese is an application for taking video and pictures with a web camera. It was inspired by Apple’s Photo Booth software, and includes fun effects that can be applied to the video.

UNOFFICIAL: GNOME 2.20 is here!

GNOME 2.20 just came out of the oven and is as crispy as you’d expect it to be after a couple of months of development! This is the second release I take part of (not as a developer but as a translator), and want to take the opportunity to thank all of those who participated in this effort!

Couple of Tips to make Gnome look nicer.

A fresh install of Ubuntu can look like a dogs dinner thanks to the massive icons and massive fonts, a couple of tips here to make gnome a little nicer to work with...

Gnome vim, our old and great text editor (vi) graphical

I really love vim (vi), is my preferred text editor, I am no expert at it, not even intermediate user, as it has a lot of options and features to learn, I have been using it since I started with Linux in 1997.

Speed up your Gnome Menus

Does your menus pop up slowly? Speen 'em up with this quick teak.

-Stay Metal!

Encrypt your private files with Encfs & Cryptkeeper Gnome applet

I have been using this little applet called cryptkeeper with encfs for a while now, it is a beautifully simple power user application that will help you keep your private information safe and secure.

Turn Off GNOME Panel Tooltips with Compiz Fusion

In the current version of GNOME there is no way to turn off tooltips on the panel. This is an annoyance when using the Compiz Fusion Window Previews plugin, which shows a thumbnail of a window. The yellow GNOME tooltip stills shows up under the fancy Compiz preview.

gnome-nettool - Network tools for Gnome

The tool I am going to describe today is a real good one, specially for those who works installing routers and networks in general, you can have this piece of software installed on your Linux Laptop, and all the debugging of your job is going to easier than before.

Launch Apps Automagically in Gnome

Over the last couple of months, a lot of new Linux users have written in to ask how they can get apps to launch automatically in GNOME like they can in Windows. So rather than continue to answer everyone individually, here's an easy tutorial for everyone. This tutorial is specific to GNOME, because everyone who asked about this was interested in GNOME specifically. Here goes.

How To Empty the Ubuntu Gnome Trash from the Command Line

How To Set Default Workspace, Size and Window Effects in Gnome

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