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Gnome Shell Login Screen And Lock Screen Mockups

Browsing the Gnome Shell wiki @, I stumbled upon some great login screen and lock screen mockups which you can view below:

Gnome Shell Might Add Real Multiple Desktops

Right now you have multiple desktops but only from the applications point of view: you can move applications from one desktop to another and that's it. There is currently a mockup posted @ Gnome Shell Design Playground website (and a lot of discussion about it on the Gnome Shell mailing list) which seems very interesting:

Fish Gives Super TAB Powers To Your Shell

Fish is a user friendly command line shell. It features syntax highlighting, advanced tab completion features, discoverable help, a revised shell syntax and many other features.

Fish comes with a lot of features, but I find one feature truly amazing: tab completion for command line arguments, including explanations.

5 Amazing Gnome Shell Themes (And How To Install Themes In Gnome Shell)

Here are the fist (probably the first ever) 5 Gnome Shell Themes (download link at the end of the post):

Marine Gnome Shell Theme:

gnome  shell marine theme

Gnome Shell 2.29.0 Released [What's New And Screenshots Inside]

gnome shell 2.29.0  notification system

Gnome Shell is the new core user interface for Gnome 3 which provides switching windows and applications but you've probably already heard of it by now so I'll skip the introduction.

Install Docky And Update Gnome Shell From A Repository (Launchpad PPA) [Ubuntu Karmic]

This repository contains the following packages:

-Docky (version 2.0~bzr315-0 at the time of writing this post) - the dock bar part of Gnome Do (read on!)

An Easy Way To Install Gnome Shell

Gnome Shell consists of two big parts: the panel and overlay.
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