How To Switch Between GDM, LightDM Or KDM In Ubuntu [Quick Tip]

Let's say you have both LightDM and GDM display managers installed on your computer (running Ubuntu or any other Debian-based Linux distribution). LightDM is default but you want to switch to GDM - to do this, run the command below in a terminal:

GDM2Setup Is Now Available For Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Too

GDM2Setup, a GUI configuration tool for the new GDM (2) is now available for Ubuntu Lucid too.



GDM 2 GUI Configuration Tool

gdm configuration tool

Remove The User List From Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic GDM Login Screen

ubuntu karmic gdm login screen

The GDM login screen in Ubuntu Karmic displays the user list by default, which is considered a security risk by many people.

Epidermis Theme Manager For Linux Automatically Downloads and Installs Themes

Epidermis theme manager is an open source GTK application for managing, automatically downloading and installing themes of various types, in order to transform the look of your Ubuntu desktop, from the moment you turn it on until the moment you turn it off.

[Ubuntu Karmic Koala Artwork Update] New Wallpapers, GDM Theme

Like I told you in the Ubuntu Karmic Koala Final Artwork post, there are still updates to come.

20 Ubuntu GDM Themes Worth Checking Out

To install a GDM theme in Ubuntu, simply go to System > Administration > Login Window and select the tab called "Local".

Gnome-Art NextGen - Icons, Themes, Wallpapers, Splash Screens and Grub One Click Install

Gnome-Art Next Generation is the successor of Gnome-Art and lets you change your Gnome-themes (icon-, wallpaper-, splash-,...-themes) with one click. It is in an early stage and under development but it looks very promising already.

Gnome-Colors: Customization of Themes, Icons, GDM Logins and Splash Screens for Your Gnome Desktop

The GNOME-Colors is a project that aims to make the GNOME desktop as elegant, consistent and colorful as possible.

Customizing the GDM/GNOME Login Screen.

Many customers, particularly those who are security conscious or those who have public terminals like to display a legal notice before users can login.

How to Switch Between GDM and KDM on Ubuntu

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