Paintball2 - Free First-Person Shooter For Windows and Linux

Paintball2 is a fast-paced first-person game with capture the flag, elimination, siege, and deathmatch (free-for-all) styles of gameplay.

Paintball 2 was originally a Quake2 mod. Now that Quake2 has been released under the GPL, Paintball2 has become a complete standalone game with an enhanced, open-sourced engine.

Hive Rise: An Amazing, Free, Real Time Strategy Game For Windows and Linux

Hive Rise is an RTS MMOG game in which your main goal is to build your equipment and make your soldiers win the war. This free, real time strategy game works on both Windows and Linux and is played online with thousands of other players, in short concluded matches and each player tries to achieve one of 12 possible objectives.

Free Space Shooter Game For Linux: AstroMenace

AstroMenace is a space shooter for Linux where the player controls a ship in three-dimensional environments and he must fight alien invaders to survive. The player starts with a ship equipped with simple weapons and he must collect money to upgrade them and increase the firepower against the enemy.

OpenSonic: The Free Version Of The Famous Sonic Game

OpenSonic is an open source and cross platform (works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X (experimental) and Dreamcast) game based on the famous character "Sonic the Hedgehog". It introduces a different style of gameplay called cooperative play, in which it's possible to control 3 characters simultaneously.

0 A.D (Zero Anno Domini) Game - How To Install It In Ubuntu

0 A.D (Zero Anno Domini) is a real-time strategy game developed by Wildfire Games which has recently released the source code, thus allowing us to enjoy the game without having to pay anything. The game has excellent graphics which are unfortunately quite rare in the Linux world.

Teeworlds - multiplayer game for Linux and Windows

Teeworlds game reselbles a bit with worms (design) but it’s more of a mini shooter game. You can play it on the internet, on LAN, and set up your own server. I like it because you can play with people using Windows, from your Linux OS computer.

Playdeb - The Gaming Repository for Ubuntu

Tired of finding and downloading packages for games, and having to check for updates youself? Playdeb is a software repository for the games available on GetDeb, who package recent games and applications for Ubuntu. With Playdeb, games are easy to install and will be updated when new versions are available.

Frag 'em in your own backyard with Sauerbraten

If you like first-person shooters, you'll love Sauerbraten. This open source game might not have the visual finesse of other FPSes, but what it lacks in the graphics department, Sauerbraten more than makes up for with its various single and multiplayer modes, including an experimental role-playing game mode, and a unique WYSIWYG in-game map editor. Sauerbraten blends the best of FPSes like Quake and Max Payne to give you a unique gaming experience.

Apricot - Open-Source Blender Game

Apricot is the newest project from the Blender Institute with the goal to build an open-source game instead of a Blender video this time. The characters used in the game are from the Big Buck Bunny movie, the last free movie developed using Blender under the name Project Peach.

10 Windows Games That Can Be Played on Linux

For most hardcore gamers, Linux is taboo since they probably think that they cannot play their favorite Windows-only games with it. They do have a point of staying away from Linux, but if they knew that they can play some of their most wanted games on Linux, will they take the switch?

Ghextris: tetris clone with a hexagonal makeover

The object of the game is much the same as with tetris, only the frame and the falling objects are hexagons. You have to slot the coloured pieces together making rows, which disappear once they are complete, the game ends if the stack of pieces reaches the celling.

42 of the Best Free Linux Games

"Can I game on it" is a frequently asked question we hear from Windows users toying with the idea of trying Linux for the first time. Well, the simple answer is yes!

Bonus Interview: 'The State Of... Linux Gaming?'

With the release of Windows Vista, which has had some much-publicized issues (whether press-exaggerated or not) of late, we wondered whether it might be ushering in more of of a Linux renaissance. That’s why we thought now might be a good time to have a chat with Bob Zimbinksi, who has run the Linux Gaming Tome for around nine years now.

Compiling Wormux 0.8 from Source

Wormux is an open source clone of the classic game Worms. It’s a multiplayer turn-based game in which teams of open source mascots battle on a deformable landscape with a variety of weapons.

Nexuiz shoots to the top of gaming list

After I reviewed Alien Arena last year, some readers criticized my choice of that first-person shooter (FPS) as the best free software game I had played. Several suggested Nexuiz would have been a better choice. At the time, I had not played it. Now that I have tried Nexuiz 2.4, it has become my favorite free software FPS.

Linux Got Game: War§ow 0.42

Another tip from Free and Open Source gamer extraordinaire SlippJigg encouraged me to try out another action-packed First-person shooter (FPS) game called Warsow last weekend. So what exactly is this game and what makes it interesting?

The Platinum Top 10 Wine Game List

Im not a big fan of wine games but I thought I would share the progress of the wine developers in getting these hot games to work with it. I am still hoping gaming developers create linux clients for these games, leave direct x and start using opengl... Here is the current top 10 platinum wine games.

Install (GTA) Grand Theft Auto Vice City with wine in Ubuntu Hardy Heron!

Did you know GTA Vice City works in wine? The other day I was bored... really bored... So I decided to download GTA and get it working in wine, and to my suprise it was too freakn simple. All I did was Download GTA Vice City apply no-cd-cracked.exe and started it up. Has anyone else had any great successes in getting hot games working in wine? Please let me know and let us all know how you got it to work. Here is how I got GTA Vice City working...

Highly Addictive Puzzle/Arcade Games for Linux

When I have a few spare time or just want to loosen up a bit, I always indulge myself into playing some computer games. Since most of my extra time is very limited, I usually pick those that are less stressful and less time consuming. I go for the old-fashioned and graphics card-friendly puzzle and arcade games. Call me boring, but these stuff are really addictive and highly entertaining. So, what are these games?

Programming Linux Games: The Anatomy of a Game

In 1991 a Finnish university student named Linus Torvalds began working on a new operating system in his spare time. He didn’t work in isolation, nor did hemake a big deal about what he was doing; rather, he modestly invitedprogrammers from all over the world to join his project, which he dubbed “Linux.” This loosely knit team of students, professionals, and hobbyistscollaborated through the Internet, with the expectation of learning a bit about programming and having a good time. Linus never thought that his project would spawn an entire industry.

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