Tivion 0.3 Released - Application To Watch Free TV Online In Linux

Tivion is a Linux application for watching TV online for free.

More Free CAD / CAE Software

We recently posted about a free AutoCAD alternative called BRL-CAD, which is very advanced and build by the US military in collaboration with NASA. But the application is not that easy to use by normal people, not very much into CAD applications (or the army :-) ).

Another Application for Watching TV On-line For Free In Linux: Tivion

Tivion is a Linux application for watching TV on-line for free, which comes 78 channels from Spain, Argentina, United Kingdom and Russia.

Watch Thousands Of TV Channels On Your Computer

Here is a great application which works on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX which you can use to watch around 4000 TV channels online, for free!

Hive Rise: An Amazing, Free, Real Time Strategy Game For Windows and Linux

Hive Rise is an RTS MMOG game in which your main goal is to build your equipment and make your soldiers win the war. This free, real time strategy game works on both Windows and Linux and is played online with thousands of other players, in short concluded matches and each player tries to achieve one of 12 possible objectives.

VDrift, TORCS, SuperTuxKart: 3 Free, Open Source, Cross-Platform Car Racing Games

VDrift, TORCS and SuperTuxKart are 3 free, open source car racing games which run on Windows, Linux and MacOSX.


SourceForge Community Choice Awards 2009 Winners

The winners of the fourth annual SourceForge Community Choice Awards were announced at this years OSCON.

Pyjama for Linux: Listen to Free Music

"Python Jamendo Audio" or Pyjama is a python / GTK audio streaming application, which is thought to bring the free Jamendo - music on your PC. You can browse through artists and albums, mark your favorite songs and create playlists.

Free Ubuntu Stickers

Show your Ubuntu pride !!
FREE strip of four 'powered by Ubuntu' stickers

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